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[New Feature] Ability to pause the scheduler


Hello all,

We’ve just added a feature allowing you to pause the execution of scheduled API workflows, useful for testing and giving you insight into what’s going on in the scheduler as your build out your app. The new “Pause tasks” button is next to the “Show” button on Scheduler tab of the Logs page:

Clicking it pauses all scheduled tasks across the board.

Note that the API workflow scheduler is only available on paid plans.

No Data on my Schedule API Log

Fantastic! Deleting all tasks would be a great additional as well.


Awesome! Thank you


Agreed, Deleting all would be great. Often I have to wait an hour or two for my erroneous API workflow to complete.


When resuming tasks, will all of the paused tasks execute ~immediately if their scheduled time has lapsed? Or will any buffer be applied?


@marca - just tested this a little bit. I believe all lapsed workflows run immediately once resuming. (Had ~6 lapsed workflows, originally all a few minutes apart, all ran within a minute of resuming).

Just want to make sure this doesn’t cause a huge spike in server usage. And I’d second @dbevan’s request for a delete all tasks feature as well.

In an ideal state, clicking “Resume” would trigger a popup that displays two options:

  • Resume tasks and cancel all lapsed API workflows
  • Resume tasks and run all lapsed API workflows


Hi @Bubble Did someone seen @dan1’s last post? I have the same questions.


@mike_verbruggen Is the request that on resuming a paused scheduler, you would like to have a cancel all workflows or run all workflows option?


I would like to have a option to cancel all workflows.


I like to know what happens if you paused the scheduler for a day and then press resume tasks and the scheduled time is true for all the items in the cue. What is the impact on the capacity of the application.


@mike_verbruggen Our engineering team is evaluating this feature request. We will post back once we have an update.


A little and critical addition, it would be helpful if you can cancel the workflows per API Event.