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[New Feature] Audio recorder element


Thanks @emmanuel and @JohnM, you’ve made my day! This is exactly something I was waiting for.

Unfortunately, when testing this plugin, I only get a blank box (background colour and nothing else) in the editor - in the test version preview and in the deployed version.

I’ve tried deleting and readding the plugin, but I’ve still just got a blank box with the background colour. Can you please help me?


Hi @richardosborne14, It look simple when we are in :slight_smile:
The Recorder A is the first step. After, you have to create your buttons (Play, Rec-Stop, and upload) and workflows.

The screen Recorder A just show the color voice display or play.


D’oh! Didn’t realise it was a container. I’ll try it out asap and let you know…


Got it, thanks for the help! Any advice on how to use the generated url to let me hear the user’s audio?


You probably find it at this time… create the file name, and access it with CirclePlayer. But you have to upload the content first (take 2-3 seconds), and then, listen the final result.


Ahh. I had same problem. This screenshot need to be in documentation or at top of this post.


Hi All!

Suddenly found out that the Audio Capture feature is not working on mobile.
This response says that this browser is not supporting the Sound Capturing.

Is this as per design, or I’m doing something wrong?
I tried that on both - Safari and Chrome mobile, and get the same response on both.


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Thanks heaps JohnM! Audio recordings will be a really valuable addition to my app.

I’m having a bit of challenge wrapping my head around this plug-in though.
Has anyone got any complete workflow examples on how to implement this?

I have put the container on the page and added a record (start / stop) button.
When I preview, the browser throws an error message (‘Error getting audio’).

When I click the button, it doesn’t seem to be doing anything and I can’t quite understand what I’m missing in this set-up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



As I add on my notes, isn’t working on Android, iOS or Safari.
@lyndon.apthorpe: Have you found how to do it? which browser? try on different one maybe.
We use it everyday.


Hi John,

Got the error on Chrome and Safari told me the browser didn’t support the plug-in.
I was able to get it to record using Firefox (although I couldn’t hear the playback, despite there being a wave and the play line moving).

I can see that it will be really good, but I can’t figure out what’s wrong. All other audio is working fine on my laptop. I’ll keep trying a few things.



Hi John,
Have there been any updates about Audio recorder working with any iOS browsers? I have been successful on chrome desktop but not ios versions of chrome, safari or firefox.


Hey there LynApt!

I hope you’re doing well.

I just saw your post on including audio in workflows. Seems doable. Have you figured it out yet?


Can we grab the date and timestamp as well?


I tried the audio recorder. It seems to record and play as expected but I cannot find the audio url or the uploaded audio file. Can anyone give some guidance on this?

It would be very much appreciated. Thank you!


Can you share a page of what you’ve tried so far. It’s always easier to show what you’ve tried to get help.


@emmanuel Sure, here is an example of how it is set up


Hi @arielle1, I added a couple of enhancements to illustrate where to find things.


Hi Richard, We’re you able to get the speech to text processing working via Watson. I was trying to follow the thread but wasn’t able to understand if you managed to make it work.

Please let me know. I’d love to replicate it.



Hey Deepak,

The Watson question can only be answered if someone with programming experience signs up to IBM BlueMix (quite a pricey platform), then develops the system and an API from Bubble to the BlueMix system. Though it’s perfectly possible, I’m not a programmer! Sorry.

Good luck! Richard.


Is anyone aware if this element is meant to work on mobile? I’m getting the same message that the browser does not support this but it very well may be the case I’m missing something. If it does not in fact work on iOS or specific browsers… Its fine I can manage it… Just useful to know if it’s a misconfiguration on my part. my setup is exactly the same as @arielle1 example given above.

Although a message is presented to the user that their current browser does not support this and to try another one… It seems regardless of whether I’m using Safari, chrome or Firefox the same message is presented.