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[New Feature] Audio recorder element


Can anyone shed some light on how to get the recordings into a repeating group list?



How do I capture the file URL? ,


In a workflow, Upload the recording, then use the results from the workflow step to get the file, which has url, filename, etc.

Save the resulting file as a field on a database thing, then the repeating group can search for the list of things.


Thanks I got that working… but another question… when the user saves the audio file, it is saved on my server space, correct? How do we stop the user from using a very large amount of space on the server which I will have to pay for?


The recorder provides access to the recording length, you can use this to conditionally allow uploads …


great. thanks!




I have got the filename stored in a data object and I use that for the repeating group. I also have a microphone icon in that repeating group that I want to use to play the recording when clicked upon… How can I get it to do that without simply opening the file location (on amazon) which then opens another url page? I don’t want it to leave the page in order to play it… Ideas?

How to record audio file

Try one of the music or audio player plugins, and pass it the file.

Uploading uncompressed audio (.wav file) results in a large file size, which means the user has to wait a long time for the upload. In my opinion, the app should provide an option to upload compressed audio for the majority of cases where it is appropriate … depends on your customer needs of course.

Some of the other audio recording plugins offer compressed output.


Chrome on IOS is not asking for permission for using Microphone anymore.
Chrome on Android and Desktop works fine.

Any ideas?
Was just about to betalaunch my app, so any help is highly appreciated :slight_smile:




Do you still need help?
It’s a 3 minute job my friend.