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[New Feature] Auto-binding inputs


“Trigger a custom event when data changes” can only happen once unfortunately. And there would be as much work as setting up a workflow when a value is changed.


We added that.


yeah, just saw this. Great


“show an alert option” checkbox isn’t supposed to be hidden when auto-binding is not enabled ?


Yep you’re right.


Would it not have been better to have a Workflow action /event so the user can ‘Show alert’ or set customstate or whatever they choose on the success of an autobinding update (or autobinding error!)


You can do this with a change input event then, it’s basically this.


I think that fires though even if the event doesn’t hit the back end. I was playing around with this last week trying to monitor the modified date of the thing on a bindingupdate, and it doesn’t do as you would expect. in the end gave up playing for the time being as wasn’t using AutoBinding, but was simply trying out some stuff in response to a thread question.


I noticed that the address preset auto-corrects and formats addresses that are entered. Cool!

However, if the user enters something it doesn’t recognize, a large error message fills the cell of the repeating group. Is there anyway to pre-set (ex. live search) the address, and then auto-bind the selection?


Hey @emmanuel,

Is it possible to do calculations with auto-binded data.

for example I have unit price which is multiplied by the qty which is the end value for Amount input.

is this action possible or will i have to use a button.


Hey guys, @NigelG or @levon
Would you guys know if this is possible.

Thanks in advance


Make a blank test page and try it, eh? It’s not like it would take any time yeah? Just test it.


I have i’ve tried workflows to do the calculation and conditions, i think the data is set and can not be change unless the user changes it. But ill keep going until someone tells me its possible or not.


Seems like autobind and a calculation don’t mix – autobind is expecting user input (in that exact field) and a calculation means no input (in that field) is necessary.

How about an event that triggers when your quantity or unit price changes? If either of them change, then make changes to a thing, and update your amount field to be qty * unit price. You could then set the amount field to be disabled so it would display, but not be modified directly.



Thanks Ken,

I’ll give that a try




Is there a way to trigger a workflow after an auto-binding update has been made?

I’m trying to set a flag to true when a change to the database has been made, but with auto-binding I cannot seem to be able to do it.

Many thanks.



You should be able to just use the “When Element value is changed”


For a multi-step form is there any load differences or reliability defects in using auto-binding for inputs and dropdowns VS the standard ‘Make changes to a thing’?

I’d prefer to use auto-binding in my mult-step forms rather than a workflow event where possible, but just want the app to perform at its best in terms of page load and reliability in saving the data or not hanging.

Any insights on the matter are appreciated.




Is there a way to choose the ‘field to modify’ dynamically in a Condition?



@emmanuel I have test auto binding it works fine with an existing record it is already created in the table, but how do I use auto binding to create the new record into the table, it is possible?