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[New Feature] Breaking change - null search/filter parameters no longer dropped by default


First time I execute something directly in Chrome console! :slight_smile: . Thanks, working.


I agree. I had the same problem. It would be nice if the box was checked by default as I have so much instances to find.


Just run in your Chrome console the script command (see post of Marca above):


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To clarify, this script should be run on the Bubble app editor’s console, not the app preview’s console.


Is this a normal response to running the script? . . .



Yep! You should be all set.


Hi Marca,

Thanks for doing this update. It has speed up my app significantly.

Things not working after Upgrade

Hi Marca,

I tried entering “restore_legacy_search_constraint_behavior()” in the javascript console (via the bubble editor) but I’m getting this error:


I’m currently on bubble version 5. Any help is appreciated - thank you again for your time!


Looks like the page might not be fully loaded when you’re trying to run the script?


What an absolute pain in the behind this update has been, would have been better to default it to the existing state.


@Stephanie how I’ve been able to make it work ?

@marca I face the same issue on an app with a lot of search constraints fom custom states which are often emply


Hi @nicolas_dap,

I updated my chrome browser, restarted it, and was able to run the script after a few tries.