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[New Feature] Breaking change - null search/filter parameters no longer dropped by default

First time I execute something directly in Chrome console! :slight_smile: . Thanks, working.

I agree. I had the same problem. It would be nice if the box was checked by default as I have so much instances to find.

Just run in your Chrome console the script command (see post of Marca above):


To clarify, this script should be run on the Bubble app editor’s console, not the app preview’s console.


Is this a normal response to running the script? . . .


Yep! You should be all set.


Hi Marca,

Thanks for doing this update. It has speed up my app significantly.

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Hi Marca,

I tried entering “restore_legacy_search_constraint_behavior()” in the javascript console (via the bubble editor) but I’m getting this error:


I’m currently on bubble version 5. Any help is appreciated - thank you again for your time!

Looks like the page might not be fully loaded when you’re trying to run the script?

What an absolute pain in the behind this update has been, would have been better to default it to the existing state.

@Stephanie how I’ve been able to make it work ?

@marca I face the same issue on an app with a lot of search constraints fom custom states which are often emply

Hi @nicolas_dap,

I updated my chrome browser, restarted it, and was able to run the script after a few tries.

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The “ignore empty constraints” doesnt work on searchbox.

I have a constraint - for the datasource of a Dynamic-Choice searchbox - which basically tells to show only those item that its “category” “is in” the list of “categories”-custom state.

but the searchbox will show no results if the “categories”-custom state is empty, despite the checked “ignore empty constraints”.

@cheskiefisch Please submit a bug report and we will take a look

Did you get the script to run? We have the same “not ready” error -> have upgrade chrome and closed the browser but still the script didn’t run for us.

Yes I did bit I can’t tell you why it ended ip working. The issue was on a pretty heavy app.
Try to load lots of page before running the scripts

Thanks. I’ll give it some time on ours.

@marca, we’re running into the same “not ready” error. We’ve updated Chrome, restarted our computers, tried it on windows and apple, waited on the page for 10+ mins, tried loading many pages first, etc. Spent nearly 2 hours on it now, but no luck.

Have any other insights on how to solve this? Or, perhaps you could simply add a button users can push to change this?

Screenshot of Error

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Did you find a solution to this problem?
I’m currently trying to filter a repeating group with several filters and it only shows the exact matches with all of those filters, not just one of them. For example, let’s say If I would have the following filtering:
Color: Blue
Form: Circle
Size: Large
So if I filter Blue or Circle or Blue + Circle, there won’t be any results. In other words, I have to filter Blue + Circle + Large…
Do you get the idea that I am looking for?

Is this new change also applicable for constraints that “results” in “null”? (i.e. finds no item with this constraint).

(For example a constraint to show only employees from Delaware, and there is no entry in the employee database from delaware)

Or this is only for constraint with - for instance - "dog = "