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[New Feature] Deploy specific changes from Development to Live


I’ll keep an eye on this but I will only use this type of deployment in ‘emergency’ situations. Will create a bug report if I know more.


Did anyone use the selective deployment and comment based on your experience?

My App is going through a massive revamp and have 1 more week of works before everything being pushed to love.

In the meantime, I’d like to push new content pages and sitemap on the side. Is this possible?


Yep, I use it. If jumping in to fix a bug to be quickly pushed, I refresh the app before starting so that the session is fresh and won’t be filled with changes I don’t want to push. Do your work, test in dev, then push just those changes from that session… Works great.


No, I donot see my new sitemap file being picked by Selective Deployment ?

@kevin2 can you please confirm ?