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[New Feature] Opening the Element Plugin builder to everyone


There was mention earlier in the thread of enabling payments for plugins @emmanuel - does anyone know if there is there any progress with this?

I can see that plugin developers can now setup their Stripe details, but it does not look as though the Plugin ‘store’ is yet setup for it… is that correct?




It’s not there yet but on the list…

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@edwardbutcher i noted in one of your earlier posts you were working on a amCharts plugin. I would pay for this and I feel those people who are developing and maintaining these plugins should be paid. I thought there was already a premium paid option when i saw this



hey @Bubbleboy yes that’s right! Originally needed it for my own project but ended up building a more comprehensive tool.

It would be fair to say I underestimated the workload of that 20x :-)… and fairly early on I realised that a free & premium model would be the only way that I could possibly justify what I was doing. Codurly and CoBubble are currently managing this through a separate Bubble App and a Private license for the plugin (I think anyway).

Based on @emmanuel comment above I will be waiting for Bubble to enable simple payments for Plugins before I get mine out there though.



Edward then you can count on me to be one of the first customers. If any reason things change and you follow the path of Codurly and CoBubble … Just let me know.



Wondering if anyone has undertaken an upgrade to the bubble Chart plugin that allows for more complex grouping and aggregation of data sets. Looking to build some better reports for my app. (I’m not a JS developer by any means). I looked at Plotly, but it seems that is only for static data and wouldn’t necessarily let me pull data from my app, send it Plotly, and then bring it back to my app as a chart (without some complex API stuff). Any help/guidance would be appreciated.



hi @greenmerits - I am just testing an amCharts plugin that I have written. Should do a lot of what you are looking for.

I know that a few of us are waiting on Bubble team to enable premium plugin payments (as they have done for templates) because developing this type of plugin is pretty time consuming. @emmanuel has his eye on this I think



Hi all - I am trying to allow users to pull a List of their choosing into a Plugin - i.e. dynamically.

If I set this to a Type myself (e.g. Text, Number, Data etc.) I have no issues and the List appears as you would expect.
If I set the Type to ‘Any Thing’ - this is an option within the Field settings - then the field input goes blank within the Plugin editor. This means that the user cannot select any List data, and the plugin cannot do it’s thing.

Has anybody had success with this? Is this a deliberate behaviour @emmanuel?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Emmanuel, since lately we have started to actively build plugins. We have our own ideas as well as we’ll be doing this for anyone who needs custom plugins. Thus I wanted to ask whether it’d be possible and easy for you to enable collaborators option for plugins similar to the apps. Also we need an easy way to transfer the plugin ownership from account to account (For example when we build a custom plugin for someone, or when we build it for ourselves we need to transfer the plugin from the developer account to our main account). And collaboration is needed to allow developers jump in and fix or improve something when required.
Please advise


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Having multiple editors at once is not something we can currently do. Enabling transfers is on our list and will be there in the middle term.



Is there a work around for transferring plugins meanwhile? Maybe using github syncronization?



Fork is an option, But a bit cumbersome.



Hey @emmanuel - is there a limit to the number of ‘Authorised applications’ on Private license?
I seem to have hit a wall and new users are not seeing the permission translate their side, and it is not available for install.




There shouldn’t be a limit



Ok thanks. How is best to escalate?
Currently new authorisations are not registering on the system.



We’ll need a bug report




listProperties returns the array with bubble formatted type e.g. ‘first_name_text’,’_list_text’ etc.

Can you please also provide a function to access the field name exactly as typed by the builder in the data tab e.g. ‘First name’,‘Last name’ etc. ? Thanks!

Note: If possible, an even better option would be to provide a JSON collection { property: …, fieldName:…, value:…} similar to the array of keys / values collection.



I second this.
Also listProperties returns the the ids of the fields and not the display name.
From my observation when a field is created bubble creates a field_id from the name the user enters.
If the user changes the field name, only the display name changes, the field id remains the same.
So even if you decide to parse the values returned by listProperties to the get field names and type (something i’ve done before) you may end up with names that are different from what is currently being displayed in the users data view.

@gaurav in the mean time you can get the field names and types from the meta file which returns a json. That is what i used to create my Air Database Diagram plugin.
The caveat is that the user has to expose data api or workflow api to expose this data.



@seanhoots Yeah i thought of using the swagger / api for this as well. But that requires user to manually expose all the fields via api which is not a ideal practice. It could quite easily be a security risk if they forget to turn off. Plus for new bubblers it might be quite a challenge to do this stuff & consume their time unnecessarily.

Parsing backwards is not possible for the reason u mentioned. I also noticed that bubble also changes the case of display name to lowercase while setting the id.

I assume this isn’t a big task for bubble team since it must be stored somewhere as its shown in the editor / swagger spec.



Has this been resolved yet? listProperties still only returns the internal names and not the user expected names. I wanted to display the names the user entered and this system doesn’t even have that obvious functionality - unless I’m missing something.