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[New Feature] Password strength on inputs



We just added an improvement to the input element. When the type of content is set to ‘password’, you’ll be able to get the strength of the password, doing, for instance,


This returns a number between 0 and 100, 100 being a very strong password, and you can use this number to provide a feedback to users, as we did on our own homepage.





Tiny improvements like this are actually pretty awesome! Much appreciated!




This is great @emmanuel

A minor change request - “strength” is spelled incorrectly (missing a “t”) in the Conditional options.



Yep good catch. We’ll fix that


Nice feature


Great! I could never figure out how to do that. Thanks! Makes it super easy now. :slight_smile:


This is awesome!! :slight_smile: Thank you so much!


Awesome feature, may seem tiny, but huge for users.


Nice feature, thank you :slight_smile:


Me gusta!, gracias por mejorar Bubble.


Nice feature! Something small but it makes it much easier (and probably reliable than doing it yourself. Thanks!


What is the “strength” base on?


Hi Emmanuel, what is the password strength based on? thanks jeff


It’s a combination of

  1. length
  2. usage of capitalized and not capitalized
  3. usage of numbers
  4. usage of special characters

and usual bad passwords are flagged as very bad (a lot of people use password or hello as a password… These are bad)


ok great, thanks for clarifying.