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[New Feature] Scheduling API workflows can now be done recursively


Does the schedule happen after the step to create a thing?

As a diagnostic, how about at the start of the workflow, write the parameters to a database thing, for a log record.


Just wanted to chime in with my two cents. I tried to replicate the example but it didn’t work for me. I could see that the workflows were being scheduled recursively because the ID in the scheduler kept incrementing. However, the things weren’t changing.

I had it set to “first item” so I tried setting it to “random item” and now it’s changing a thing every time the workflow runs.

Curious if anyone has thoughts on why it worked one way and not the other.


Recursive workflows work just fine. They are just artificially limited to be “slow AF”…it’s not what we’re used to, either as casual Internet consumers or as developers. We are used to free = infinite. It is what it is.


@josh, are there any events that could stop a the scheduling of a recursive API workflow? I have a feeling that pushing a new version to live breaks it. I will need to test this again, because my logs don’t go back far enough to check when the recursive scheduling stopped.

edit: i just checked that this is not the case. So something else makes my indefinitely scheduled api workflow stop. tbc…


The information is really helpful…thanks a ton.