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[New Feature] SEO tools


Our sitemap generation right does not include pages with unique IDs (but you can generate this file and upload it to Google manually for the time being).


Thanks @emmanuel for your reply.

How do you suggest we generate that file? Manually?

Is there a chance an option will be available in the future to save all suburls/pages with unique IDs to the stiemap.xml file automatically?


What I did was

  1. Export all the unique ids of my products and then build the urls in excel.
    Note than even if you have put the name of your thing in the url it works with putting the unique id only.

  2. Structure the excel the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> {url/unique_id_1} {url/unique_id_2} {url/unique_id_3} ...
  1. Copy paste in a text editor and save with extension .xml

  2. Upload in bubble

  3. Upload in google search console

Hope this helps



Thanks for your reply @jules.marcilhacy. Could be a workaround for the time being, but still I wonder if it will be possible to create sitemap records for every (visited) unique ID page in the future @emmanuel? Thanks.


So I am trying to set up Google Search console and I’m just wanting to use the automatically generated sitemap. Is it just


I think it is


The box to customize it seems to disappear when I have Grammarly enabled in Chrome


Great. I work for seo and this custom changes is very important


@emmanuel looks good. Once we expose the sitemap, what is the URL that can be used to submit to webmasters?


Im finding this really confusing! surely its not that hard to find the site map file? Iv checked the box expose site map file and clicked the pages I want to be expose but where do I pick up the file?

any ideas anyone?



OMG! I am such a muppet I did not publish my site to live. That’s why I could not find it.

Thanks y’all.


Grammarly is now disabled by default on, so the editor’s text fields work properly now