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New Free Plugin: Browser Timezone and Locale


This is a little utility element I built to support my forthcoming set of Server-Side Action plugins. All this little guy does is return the browser’s Timezone and Locale information, so you can do fetch the user’s Timezone ID and language preferences dynamically.

Useful for a variety of things around date manipulation and internationalization. (For example, if locale is “fr”, you might want to present things en français.) The element’s value’s return the other basic date/time localization that you might find useful as well.

In the simple demo app, I use this to format Current Date/Time based on the user’s Timezone ID and Locale fetched from the browser, using one of my server-side actions. (On the backend, Moment Timezone’s locale features are used to format the date as a string, written in the user’s preferred language.)

Simple simple demo and instructions:

An "Easy" Way to Convert Bubble Date/Times to the Same Date, but in a Different Timezone
I18n and language

nice thanks