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[New free plugin] File Downloader


Hi all,

We’ve just released a new free plugin called File Downloader! This allows you to run a simple workflow action to download a file through your browser (and specify a file name!).

To use it, just search for the File Downloader plugin and add it to your Bubble app. Once added, you’ll have a new action available called “Download file.”

Currently this only works with individual files (including zip files), but the ability to download multiple at once (potentially as a zip file) is in the works!

Demo: run-mode / editor

Please send any questions, issues, or suggestions to or reply to this thread!

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Thanks for the plugin. :wink:

and action:


Works like a charm! Thanks @david2

Would be great to allow preview of PDFs in a popup or browser tab, instead of downloading.


Doesn’t work on my app unfortunately :frowning:


Great plugin, very simple to use.

I just encountered an issue with some types of file uploaded by my users, like .msg files.