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[New Plugin] Air Copy to clipboard


Hi Sean, holy moly I’m sorry I totally missed your reply here. It’s been a while! My bad. Thanks for your reply.

Yeah it’s from a button click exactly.

For info, I’m on a new computer now (also a Macbook using Chrome, Safari and Firefox) and it’s the same issue, sometimes copies, sometimes doesn’t.


Currently getting the following console error in Chrome Version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit):
Uncaught (in promise) Error: Unable to copy. Perhaps it’s not available in your browser?

Does this plugin use the .select() function by any chance? If so, it may need to be modified to return the range since I’m guessing that it doesn’t reference a text input, but rather a Bubble (/Typescript) variable.

What do you think?


Same here


Yup, same error here. Only works in step by step mode.


Was there a fix for this? I’m getting the same behavior. Copies in step-by-step, not in workflow with button click.


I totally forgot about it.
Will take a look this weekend.


@romanmg can you PM me a link to a demo page (editor) where you’re having this issue.
I’m testing right now and it seems to be working for me.


Hi there @seanhoots
Thanks for putting together a very useful little plugin…
I’m finding it works fine if placed on the page, but no longer works when placed in a reusable element on the page. I’m using Chrome on a PC. Is there any fix to this?
Thanks for all your plugin work! :slight_smile:


This plugin is no longer working. Not sure if it’s due to a recent Bubble update?


We are having the same issues - in console brings up error messages. We were trying to use it in popups.


Same here - trying to use the action based on clicking a group inside of a popup. It works only if you have nothing else in the clipboard. However, if you have already copied another value manually, this action will not copy a new value to the clipboard.


FYI - it seems like adding a one second pause after the action, fixes the issue


Thank you for this - it seems that the delay works but only in debugger occasionally - seems to much of a hit and miss for our implementation. Appreciate the assistance.


I am also looking for a fix (inside a popup) - if you find a solution please let me know.


Looks just fine, thx for sharing!


Hi guys I will look into this issue and try to fix it.


Wanted to add that I’m experiencing the same thing, but that the problem seems isolated to version-test while in Normal or Slow mode. As others have noted, it works in Step-by-Step mode. However, it also works in version-test when not in debug mode AND it works in the live version of the app. So, while it does take a leap of faith to push dev to prod, it does still work. [EDIT: I’m not talking about the popup-specific issue, just the general function in debut mode]


Hi, any news on the fix for pop-ups…?