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[New plugin] 🔒 Auth0 integration


Hello Everyone,

I am a huge fan of Auth0 and I was really disappointed when I realized no Auth0 integration was available in Bubble, which means no simple solution to propose users to authenticate using multiple existing services (without creating a new account/password couple).
In my opinion, Auth0 is particularly useful when you provide B2B software and need to connect using your customer’s identity provider. It is also nice to use in a B2C world.

So here it is as a plugin that you can now install to benefit from all the social integration that Auth0 provide (Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Github, Microsoft, Dropbox, Twitter, Amazon, Paypal, AD/LDAP, ADFS, Google Apps, Office 365, SAMLP, etc… )

Here is a demo and a setup guide :

So far, the tested integrations are : Google, Linkedin and Twitter. I’m pretty confident that a lot of the other integrations will work out of the box but if it is not the case, please contact me !

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or remarks about this plugin.

Looking forward reading your feedbacks !


Auth0 and Twitter // API connector

Finally, an Auth0 plugin for Bubble!! Super quick to set up, and works like a charm (I tested with Google and Email+Password so far), thank you @vparpoil!


Thanks for your feedback @Lucien !
I have got some other feedback (@jv.hirigoyen) that allowed me to craft tow new functionalities that have been released today :

  • Ability to select which provider to use when being redirected to Auth0. This allow to display one button for Google and one other for Twitter, as demonstrated here :
  • New action to retrieve the user access token that is provided by the social identity provider (ie: Google, Facebook, etc). This action requires additional setup in auth0 described in the lower part of the demo website.



This is huge!



What advantage is there to creating an email based bubble user (real, or fake) yourself like that. Instead of using auth0 as a bubble social signon ? i.e. so the bubble user is the auth0 sub.


Hi @NigelG,
Thanks for your interest. Actually Auth0 is not listed as a login service of the “Signup/login with a social service” so I don’t see how do you use :

auth0 as a bubble social signon

Can you give me some more detail ?

What I read from the docs is similar to what is being set up here :

When a user signs up with a social network (Facebook) in Bubble, a new user is created in the database, similarly to a traditional sign up flow with email and password. The main difference is that the way to login for the user, once logged out, will not be by entering his password (since he didn’t define one), but by logging in with Facebook

Thanks !