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[New Plugin] Bdk Text Editor

Ahhh! Gotcha. Thanks!

You’d need to make sure each editor has a ID. If in repeating group add the current cell’s index to the ID as well (e.g. texteditorCurrentCellsIndex).

No problem at all… Will share a quick example shortly

Super!!! Thks

Sorry was caught up. Here you go:

Demo Editor

Gif Recording:

Perfect!!! thks very much!!! your rocks!!!
another question

i have a issue with image aligning:

this its in editor

this its on view (read-only)

have any idea?
thks again!

Plugin Update - January 14, 2019

  1. Pasted images can now be uploaded directly to your bubble app instead of storing as base64 content! Just enable image uploads option in the element and add the image upload setup to your app as shown here
  2. Added ability to access the content as plain text, in addition to html and rich content formats
  3. Now you can click anywhere instead of just the first line to start typing when content is empty.

Just upgrade the plugin and enjoy!


@gaurav Thanks for the update to paste images and save them to S3 rather than storing as Base64. I have followed your instructions but I cannot seem to get it to save to the DB rather than S3. Do you mind checking out my app?

Can’t access the editor… I think you’ll need to change the settings and share the link to editor

Plugin Update - January 17, 2019

Removed requirement of each editor having an ID if using multiple editors in a page or in repeating groups.
Now it works straight out of the box. Just place the element and start using :slight_smile:


Sorry about that @gaurav. Here is a link to the editor and I have set it to Everyone Can View…

It looks like you have the ‘Upload images to bubble’ checkbox unchecked on the text editor

Sorry I missed that - its saving to the DB now. Just to clarify, this is for pasted images only correct? Not for images when the user clicks the upload image button within the text editor? Because it is working when I paste images in but is saving to Base64 when I upload with the image upload button.

Yep its for pasted images

bdk Text Editor - Plugin Update - January 20, 2019

New feature

  1. Added support for / slash tags


  1. Now mentions, hashtags and slashtags options don’t get cut off at element border


Hi @gaurav its possible embed a tweet card between text inline ?

im using

Welcome back, 82. 🐐

— Dallas Cowboys (@dallascowboys) 28 de febrero de 2019

but isn’t works, output its another editor with html content type


Hmm I don’t think that’s possible at the moment :frowning:

Disregard, this was a Bubble issue that affected multiple plugins caused by the Bubble team. It has been corrected.

@gaurav seeing some errors on BTE now. Could you review? It look like this is only happening in Dev environment.

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@gaurav Does the plugin output BBcode for rich text? When I try and display rich text output from the plugin in a normal text element, I see a bunch of code. I don’t want to use the Bdk Text Editor in air mode because I can’t style the text at all or set padding/margin, etc. I’m not sure I understand why the bubble rich text works in a normal text element, but the output from Bdk Text Editor does not display correctly?

BBCode is a way of representing limited rich content. E.g. BBCode can be used for tags, color, preset size etc. But it is much less ‘rich’ compared to other content formats like HTML. Hence only parts of the content eligible for BBCode will get output in bbcode and rest in html / rich text format. Since that wouldn’t make sense I didn’t pursue the bbcode option further.

Happy to explore bbcode if there are other BDK text editor users too who are looking for a potential solution. Note: If you are, just like this message and I’ll have an indication of interest


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