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[New Plugin] Bdk Text Editor


Ahhh! Gotcha. Thanks!


Hi @gaurav, thks for the plugin, i tried put the text editor on RG and itsnt works

i dont know if i do something wrong or have to check some especial configuration.



You’d need to make sure each editor has a ID. If in repeating group add the current cell’s index to the ID as well (e.g. texteditorCurrentCellsIndex).


Do you have an example, sorry the newbie questions, but where I assign an ID and I’m not clear with add the index of the current cell to the ID: /

thks again.


No problem at all… Will share a quick example shortly


Super!!! Thks


Sorry was caught up. Here you go:

Demo Editor

Gif Recording:


Perfect!!! thks very much!!! your rocks!!!
another question

i have a issue with image aligning:

this its in editor

this its on view (read-only)

have any idea?
thks again!


Plugin Update - January 14, 2019

  1. Pasted images can now be uploaded directly to your bubble app instead of storing as base64 content! Just enable image uploads option in the element and add the image upload setup to your app as shown here
  2. Added ability to access the content as plain text, in addition to html and rich content formats
  3. Now you can click anywhere instead of just the first line to start typing when content is empty.

Just upgrade the plugin and enjoy!

[Plugin update] Bdk Text Editor