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[NEW PLUGIN] Beautiful Date/Time Droppers


The lock appears when a date is blocked. I’m not sure why this is happening in this particular instance since I don’t see any blocked dates. Might need to see your whole certains to figure out what’s going on.


I only have these two fields on the page so far. It appears to only happen when I set the intial date to the current date/time with the ‘change date 1’ modifier (as in the initial screenshot), which I use to set the start date to the beginning of the month. Doesn’t happen if I leave off the modifier.


I just tested it right now and it’s working for me. See below:
But if you’re doing Current date/time change date to 1, shouldn’t you be getting 1st February 2018, why is your picker showing January?


If you don’t mind send me a primate message with a link to your editor and let me take a look at what’s going on. Want to understand why it’s even showing January instead of February.


WIl do. It did show Feb though. It wasn’t until I scrolled months until the lock issue happened. I will pm you. That’s what was in the screenshot.



Is there a way to set datatype for Airtime dropper to “date”


Hi @ben.nes to store the time (the hours and minutes) returned by the picker as a date you can first create a date and set the minutes and seconds to the values returned by the picker.
So for example you can make your table field to be of type date. Then when storing the date/time in your database you do Current data/time change hours to AirTime picker's hours change minutes to AirTime picker's minutes

Note that time is just a component of date that’s why you need to create have a date first and then set the hours and minutes to what you’re getting from the picker.
In next update I will add ability for the picker to return date using the current date.


Great plugin @seanhoots. Very clean and elegant design.

Time Picker: I am noticing that although one can select a time format (24 hr., 12hr, etc.), the picker display itself does not match the output format and causes a confusing UX:

Date Picker: It would be helpful to if the minimum and maximum years allowed for a dynamic user input so that the Bubble developer doesn’t need to update the element every X number of years. We may also want to limit the users from entering date’s prior to current date/time (ex. think scheduling use-cases)


Oh really. This isn’t how i thought i had set it up. Must be a bug then. Will take a look.

Thanks for the suggestion. Will make the minimum and maximum years dynamic expression in next update



This is a beautiful plugin.
Is there any way to block dates before and after a date relative to the current date?
For example, I would like to offer for selection only a date range that starts two weeks after today and ends say 3 months after today. I know I can do that with the standard Date/Time picker, but haven’t figured out how to do it with this one.

Many thanks,



Hi Alex, unfortunately the library the plugin is based on only provides ability to set min and max years.
I may take a look into the possibility of providing this functionality in the next update but can’t promise anything as i haven’t looked at how easy or challenging that will be.


Hi @seanhoots,

I LOVE the date and time droppers and am excited about using them on my app…

… but I appear to have found one bug which gets in my way…

… which is the Date Format “Wed 22 June 1983” doesn’t seem to work. The date it shows in the display is “06/22/1983”.

Would you be able to take a look at that?

Many thanks!


Sure will do that


This plugin is just GREAT! @seanhoots Thanks very much for your generous work!!!

I would love if it was possible to choose the color, instead of a theme, for the date dropper as it is for the time one, so that it would serve better for any palette



That could be added in the future.


Thanks! :slight_smile:


@seanhoots I found this bug with using this plugin in repeating group:
In the repeating group, the plugin cannot be selected but only on 3rd column.


Hey @seanhoots , you fixed it… thanks for such a rapid response! :grinning:


Awesome looking picker!

Is there also a clear date option?


Hi @seanhoots! Still loving the plugin; thank you!

Is there a way for a given date to add a time range? For example, I’m entering in a workshop that occurs over three dates, but the start and end times are different on each date.

I can get it working like a charm with the start time, but can’t figure out how to add an end time.