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💾 New plugin - dataTables - Updated: 09/23/2018 -- NEW DESIGN!


Update: 09/23/2018 –

  • Now dataTable supports empty DB or empty searches.

  • Changed Row selector to a drop-down
  • Improved responsive layout settings
  • Added new feature to table options “Scroll collapse”:

Table without scroll collapse:

Table with scroll collapse:


@gilles @brad.a.farley Could you explain a bit more? When I export CSV or PDF, it exports it with the table order correctly.


The latest release fixed my issue with Null values. This developer (and plugin) is awesome.


Hi - yeah, that’s correct, export the table with the headers in exact order (vs not alphabetical like what bubble’s csv export currently does). In your example above, the csv’s header would be:

Name, Age, Net worth, Movies

The export headers should be the same layout / header order as how the datatable is seen / constructed.

Thank you


@gilles unfortunately, it looks like you will have to delete your existing tables, and reconstruct them. When I did that, the table behaves how we requested. @yusaney1 is correct–it just stinks to have to recreate the tables.


@yusaney1 Is the table supposed to expand in width to fill the group that it is in? Can you add a way to set the width and height so we can customize the size of the table? Also, it would be nice if the table expanded in height to accommodate the number of items shown instead of scrolling. Is this possible? Thanks for the great plugin!


@yusaney1 Alright, miracle man, I have another request.

I’m using a table to create an exportable template. I don’t want to show this table on the screen, but I’ve set it up with the fields in the order I want the export to be created. When I try to download the CSV from the table–currently–it will only work if the table is visible.

Can you edit to still export a table, even if the table is NOT visible on-screen?

If we can get this, I know it would solve quite a few issues for various forum members and reports/exports they would like to run.


Hello @blake1, thank you so much for your feedback.
The reason that the table has a fixed and not editable width & height is just to guarantee the good health of the app. It’s very hard to maintain a good responsiveness on a table that can have random sizes. Or just imagine an infinite table that has 5.000 rows.

@brad.a.farley will see if we can do something to export csv when the table is not visible.



I´m not sure I get this.
If I have a list of users with colums Name, Team, Acitve Clients

When I do the search for clients (a thing) with the current user (of that row) as contact (a field of the thing “Client”) and then count the number of clients with that preference.

How do I make the searah "Search for Clients with Contact = User on current row?
In a RG I do it by “Search for Clients with Contact = Current cells user”

I can´t get my head around this with the dataTable


@Kackur As I can best understand, you want a table with the list of your users with columns for the Name, Team, and a count of active clients for that user.

I’m suspicious of your data structure–sounds like you only assign a user as an item of a client. However you end up implementing your table, it would be a lot easier (read: more DB efficient) to also have a reciprocal item Clients (list) under your thing User.

Without that, I don’t think you are going to have much success. Either way, here’s my blind suggestion for your current state:

1: Name = Search for User’s Name join with “”,""
2: Team = Search for User’s Team join with “”,""
3: # of Clients = Search for Clients:count join with “”,""
^^constraint: Contact is in Search for User (no constraint for this search)

That last constraint may or may not work. The plugin automatically does a good job at parsing out the particular items in each row (in your case, the Users of each row), but if you do not have Clients as an item of your User, you may not be able to get the count you want.

Yes, RG’s are nicer in this respect, but it’s a tradeoff for the exportability, filtering, sorting, etc that you get with this plugin. Hope this helps.


Thanks for your reply!
Actually I already had the list of clients on the user too. But I don´t think you can do a “join with” after a “count”!? Join with can only be applied to a list right?

I end up with only a value on this column in the first row (since I can´t get it on differnt rows without “join with”, i guess?


Hello @Kackur, the mission of this plugin is to manage data directly from your database. When we do search to fill the table, we are not selecting a specific field, instead, we do a search for all the fields inside that search row.

That’s why you can’t use :count after :join with, because count returns one value, while the expected format is a database structure.



Hi Yusaney,

Great plugin - purchased it and loving it (also your multi-file uploader). Low priority - can you add a feature that filters a date/range of dates? I tried adding in the option for a start/end date when setting up the “search my datatable”, but receiving errors. I imagine we can only search a date or date range within your datatable, like your search button.

Thank you,


@gilles You can already create your own, and use refresh and pass parameter of your date picker :wink:

@yusaney1 is there a way to add checkbox in front of each line?


@kyan.kabendji, thank you for answering to @gilles question. Much appreciated. Yes, this is the correct way to do that.

About your checkbox question, it’s not something that we have in mind to add right now. Will add that feature request to the roadmap of incoming updates.



Thanks, will try the refresh option


Hi there,

I am having a problem where I have 3 tables added to separate groups which are not visible by default.

When a menu option is clicked, the workflow ‘Add Table’ is triggered for all 3 tables however the table is only initialised for one table which is in the first group that is visible. The tables in the hidden groups are not initialised/displayed.

As a workaround, we added a workflow to ‘Add Table’ when a menu option is clicked (and the group is set to visible). This works fine however when a menu option is clicked for the second time an error message is displayed

‘DataTables warning: table id=mytab64g56b11290c4 - Cannot reinitialise DataTable. For more information about this error, please see

Here is the workflow that sets the menu states for the groups and adds the tables:

The Table is then only loaded for the first group that is visible:

I hope this is detailed enough to get some assistance here? A bit stuck.


@pieter Sent you a PM.



Does anyone know how to resize the datatable (width/height of table)? It seems to be fixed in width and height. I would like to make it wider to show more columns, how does one achieve this?

Thank you,


This will be available in the next update. We will release the sizes of table.



ok, perfect, thank you!!