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I am trying to show/hide different tables in groups, but cannot be successful. My groups are visible/not visible via Conditions, and based off the input of a dropdown.

@pieter Can you go over again, how you got workflows to work with the different reports?


Hi Brad,

The workaround would be to ‘Add Table’ workflow to the event (Dropdown). When the group is set to visible, the table will load. The problem with this however is that should the dropdown be selected for the 2nd time it will result in an error being displayed as the table has already been initialised.

‘DataTables warning: table id=mytab64g56b11290c4 - Cannot reinitialise DataTable. For more information about this error, please see

@yusaney1, is working on a fix for this and hoping we can get it soon.

Good luck.



Hi @brad.a.farley & @yusaney1,

We have managed to get a workaround working as follows:

  1. Create a popup that covers the entire page with a loading icon.
  2. Set all Groups to Visible.
  3. Add All Tables.
  4. Set all Groups to not visible (except the first group that needs to be visible)
  5. Hide the ‘Loading Popup’

Worked like a charm for us.



HI @yusaney1 just purchased and it works great, but once I add in a query to the table work-flow I can’t edit the "search for " parameters - it doesn’t allow you to select the query. Is this by design?



Hi guys,
It seems that there’s some type of conflict in between your plugin and the slidable menu plugin.

I’m using the same plugins in a different app and it works but your plugin version in that app it’s a old one (2.0.3)

Here’s what happens when both plugins are used:

Thanks for your help.


Hello @aapp1971, sorry to hear that we will check it right now.
So the problem is with the version 2.0.3 or it works well in 2.0.3?

Edit: Found the bug, will see if I can add the fix in the actual version or have to push an entire update for that.



Hello @pieter, just back to this: If you are using tables in a pop-up don’t add the init table workflow in page load.

Create a condition that runs when the pop-up turns visible:

Important: Set just once, because we only want to run this workflow one time, after it loads, when the pop-up is open the next times the table is already inited, otherwise will throw an error.

Add Table workflow can only be run 1 time per table.
Refresh Table workflow can be run unlimited times.

If I understand correctly your issue, this should fix it.


It works well with 2.0.3