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[New Plugin] 'Env' Environment Variables


Hello Bubblers,

Announcing a new extremely powerful plugin: Env Environment Variables

  1. Truly merges Javascript code with bubble
  2. Makes working with reusables a breeze
  3. Enables you to dramatically reduce workflows / conditionals by over 50% in tricky situations while also speeding up your app

Added this to the Bubble Developer Kit :smiley:

Env Variables:
This plugin allows you to create & use variables in bubble. You can

  • Create any number of Env variables from any spot in the app
  • Read any variable from several places in the app simultaneously
  • Write to any variable from any place in the app (workflow, action, auto-binding)
  • Auto-bind any variable from one / several places in the app
  • Read / write any variable through JavaScript code

A few examples I’ve used these for:

  1. Switching tabs within app from various locations without any maintenance
  2. Triggering workflows on main page from reusable element without any custom states
  3. Sending data across several reusable modules and page simultaneously
  4. Running JavaScript code to quickly reformat & process data received from api call
  5. Create data sets required as source inputs for google charts
  6. Running complex if-then-else conditions & loops via code and getting output back for use in bubble

Check out demo below :smiley:

Priced the same as all plugins in the Bubble Developer Kit at $4/month.

Happy Bubbling!

Complex calculations
Is it possible to have application level global variables
Is it possible to pass a client side Javascript variable to a bubble element?
Bubble Developer Kit

You can try all of these demos at

Use between JavaScript and Bubble seamlessly!

Share data across reusables, main page etc. without workflows, custom states or database fields

Autobind one Env from multiple sources conditonally

These are just a few of the potential applications :smiley: Env’s are:

  1. Fast : They don’t touch the database or any external service.
  2. Temporary : Exist only until page exists. Destroy on reload / page change. Can be saved to database fields via workflows when required
  3. Flexible : Can be used with code as well as bubble. Support custom data types of your app. Can be read / written from any spot in the app.


Will be great to have one example. Great initiative! Bubble bundle is necessary now :wink:


Check out the zodiac sign example in the demo. Its’ basically a multi level if then else code pasted into the Run javascript and output to an Env variable :smiley:


@gaurav You’re a rockstar.


Haha. Thank you @gregjohnkeegan !! Appreciate the kind words


Hi @gaurav, since this plugin has a “Run Javascript” and the toolbox plugin also have an action with the same it got me confused initially.
I thought you were using @mishav’s Run Javascript action from the toolbox plugin at first.

Are you able to rename the action? It will avoid the confusion I had previously when you mentioned Run Javascript action since most ppl automatically assume you’re talking about the existing one.

It will also help to distinguish them in the workflow editor.

Nice job.


Ah I see. Thanks for the feedback @seanhoots! Just published a update marking it for identification.


Looks super useful. Can’t wait to try it out!

Additionally, can this be used to pass data from the page into cells with an RG?


Yep it can :smiley: