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[New Plugin] File Informer


Hello, I have just published our first commercial plugin. The plugin is named ‘File Informer’.

Here is the plugin description;

Upload Informer automatically works with default Bubble file upload elements, HTML file input elements & other file upload plugins. The events fire & collect information about an upload elements file each time a user interacts with an upload element. Upload Informer reads the file client-side using the users browser, then provides custom states for it’s name, size, MIME, file type, Base64 & Base64 URL allowing you to run the reject or approve action’s before saving the file in your database. The reject action simply clears the file while the accept action allows you to override the file name before uploading the file directly to your database & providing the new Bubble URL. This plugin is best for single file uploads for better control, that said we have added some multi file element support for the first file. If demand for multi file analysis rises we can look at changing it.

Here is a demonstration application;


PremierCode Team.


Oh, that’s handy. Good one.


I wrote to you via the premier code form but I’d like to write here, too.

Your plugin is really well thought but I need a couple of functionalities. I’m working with multiple files and I’d like to get a list of base URL’s. Second, progress percentage list for these files would also be great. Are these possible to implement?

Thank you!


Possible yes, however without more interest in the extra functions you describe this would likely need to be a sponsored addition as I would prefer to keep the price as it stands.


Hi @PWC,

could you please provide a bit more information how to setup your plugin ?

I’m playing with it but I kinda can’t make it work with default bubble file uploader.

My understanding was that with this I will be able to reject it without actual upload (Like it is in the description of your plugin) which doesn’t seem to happen. However I configure the controls - ie reject / accept - file is always uploaded no matter what. Every action I setup after event “Finished Analysing” (Like show alert for example) fires correctly but file upload never stops.

I would appreciate if you could explain this.

Thank you!


As I understand, the file gets uploaded first, then the data about it is provided.

I do not see how else it may be done with Bubble’s native functionality.

Not sure what the “reject” does but to delete the file, you shall use “delete file” Bubble action (where you insert the file’s URL).


The intended use here being that Bubble does indeed upload as files are added is to use the actions to accept/reject based on the states once “Finished Analyzing” has fired and then using the accepted/rejected events you can have the delete file action bubble provides run.

We found this to be a good way to accommodate as many use cases as possible as some apps may want to reject a file but still retain the file as an upload.