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New Plugin from Zeroqode - Video Player


You can show a link that’s hosted somewhere else, but you can’t save it through your app.


is this limitation from bubbles side on uploading?

i’m trying to let users upload long speeches, and for user to be able to watch it in the app, i’m ok if its not hosted within bubble, how do i do that?


It is indeed a Bubble limitation, not a Zeroqode limitation. I think the official way they want you to handle it is to have them upload the file on another site altogether. Maybe @jarrad can speak more on this?


I’m having problems with Vimeo, it doesnt seem to only be a problem with this plugin but with the bubble video integration as well. The issue is that it doesnt seem to override the Vimeo embed settings, and fullscreen is dodgy. Any thoughts?


You could try using an HTML element and placing the code in there with the custom settings, instead of the video element.


Good thinking, think I might do that. It just seems Vimeo doesn’t play as nicely as youtube for the plugins. Thanks marcus


Currently using the plugin. I can’t seem to find this feature but assuming it is based on video.js, would it be possible to add the ability to hide the play button that is present when the video isn’t playing? I would like to have users hover over the video for it to start playing without having the play button show.

Another plus would be being able to add video.js skins to the player for more customizability.


we’ll check these and implement if they are simple ones



We have just updated the plugin with the following improvements:

  • Added more theme skins Default, Black & white, Highlight Green, iPlayer Rose, iPlayer,
  • added workflow action “set playback position”
  • added option to play video on hover
  • added option to customize progress bar
  • bug fixes

Please refresh your editor, install the latest plugin version, refresh again and give it a try


We’ve also just added an option to hide the playback button when the video isn’t playing

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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Awesome, thank you !


Thank you again for the update, however, just upgraded to the newest version and I think it broke the basic functionality of the video player, can’t seem to play videos. I tried it in two different apps and I can’t seem to find the new features. It might just be my account though. Maybe if someone else could test it out we could be sure it isn’t an isolated incident.


can you share some screenshots of your plugin settings and workflows?
The plugin works fine for us so it’s strange that it’s broke for you
what kind of videos are you trying to play back?


Thanks for getting back to me. I think I spotted the issue. I had to delete the video element that was made prior to the update and replace it with a completely new one. It only breaks whenever the element isn’t switched out. I also had to refresh the reusable element that the video player was placed into.

The update also fixed an issue I was having with element size, so I’m glad about that.


great, glad it worked!


we’ve made a gif to better demonstrate plugin’s features :slight_smile:


Hey @levon
I have been reading about the video player plugin as I need one with playlist for a project.
It seems zeroqode´s plugin would do the job.

My questions:

  1. The plugin can pick the videos dinamically from Bubble´s DB? How about external DB´s, dinamically?

  2. If I was to save the videos to an external DB, what would you recomend to work with the plugin? I want an alternative to Bubble´s DB and not Youtube, Vimeo and similars.

Also, I visited zeroqodes demo for the plugin and the playlist seems to be broken. Thought it would help to let you know this.

PS: The full screen icon sets the page to full screen, not the video. Is this the expected behavior?



if you use Bubble’s DB connector or API connector then yes,

you can either use Bubble’s DB connector to connect to an external database of your choice, or you could use one of our plugins that would allow you to save the file in one of the storages, for example

  1. AWS uploader -
  2. Uploadcare -

we’ll check and fix this, thanks for spotting

we’ll fix this too as this is not very useful as it is now, thanks!


Thanks for the quick reply, Levon!
I´ll take a look at the other plugins.
This video player is a great addition and extends bubbles resources significantly!


Hello, we have pushed an update to this plugin with following improvements:

  1. Fixed Fullscreen mode
  2. Fixed Finished Yes/no status
  3. added plugin events: Ended (yes/no), is playing (yes/no)
  4. Fixed Remove full screen workflow
  5. other minor fixes
    Hope this is helpful