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New Plugin- Fuzzy search and autocorrect, custom search boxes


Thank you @dambusmedia - I’ll give bubble a shout when I’ve finalised those indexes. I think they are close but only user testing will tell me.


Tried using it, doesnt give me any results


SUPER Good plugin. Everything works like a charm.

TO RESET: people who want a clean input, you can just use the native “RESET RELEVANT INPUTS” in your workflow. You’ll need to set a custom state on a random group (text type of state) with the input’s value as the state, and then reset inputs. It will automatically clear.

@dambusmedia and other people experiencing problems: if the INPUT you’re using not visible on page load, the plugin will return no matches. This includes any parent that is not visible on page load. Was just wondering if you were going to try to patch that in at some point, I’d love the functionality.

Thanks again for a superb plugin.


While I’m here: does anyone know how to highlight or bolden “matched” text within a text element or within multiple text elements inside the RG?


@dambusmedia Thank you for developing and sharing with all of us such a useful tool.

Is my understanding correct that the tool does not currently support non-English character sets like Japanese? I have it working seamlessly out-of-the-box for the roman/latin alphabet, but I cannot get it to match for any Japanese characters (standard UTF-8 encoding).

Any thoughts on potential workarounds?


Hello @dambusmedia

Your Plugin is perfect. But it does not work inside a Pop Group. Any idea how fix this.

Thanks your attention.


Could you define how it isn’t working within a popup? As well, a bit of context to how you have things set up within your app may help.


Hello Dan. @dan1
I have a reusable element that contains the plugin, the SearchInput and the Repeating group. When this Reusable element is a Group the plugin Works fine. But when I change the R.E. to a Pop-up the plugin stops working.

Plugin in a Pop Up Reuseble element: DOES NOT WORK

Plugin in a Group Reusable element: WORKS!!!


Good that you were able to make that discovery. Potentially, you could keep the reusable element as a group and then nest it inside of a unique popup on every instance it’s needed.

I remember there being some comments a while back about the plugin not working correctly when there are multiple instances of it on a page. Though I’m not sure if that was resolved. May be a related bug?


Hello. I tried insert the RE as a
group inside a Pop, but It does not work either. Only Works out of Pup UPs


Hey @dambusmedia

Thanks for the great plugin, I’m loving it! Just wanted to let you know though, while it works fine on my pages or within reusable elements, it does not work properly when embedded inside a repeating group.

To explain the use case: I have an RG which is a list of things, each of which has a position. I have an icon at the end of each line which when clicked opens a popup “move menu”. The menu is a reusable element that contains a search&autocorrect with connected text input. While this reusable element works fine if I put it on a page outside of the RG, when I embed it into the RG only the first instance of it works. The rest of the instances do not take the input from the text input.

Anyone have any thoughts about how to accomplish this?



Plugin looks cool, but when I search for Harry Potter in the book demo, the results don’t make sense:

Is the plugin still being maintained?



We have problem with image when it display on the repeating group, it cache image ( our image point to AWS S3 with the URL include item code from Parent group item. When we try to search item with no image, but it still show image and when we try seach rule -> it return stapler…


Is there a way to use this to filter a Repeating Group? I want to see all records in the repeating group, but then filter the records once something is typed into the search box. I don’t see a way to show all of the items when the search box is empty.


hands down one of the best plugins available, great work @dambusmedia!

One feature request based on this issue:
It’s about ignoring special characters like accents so a search with an accent still brings up the correct result.

Any chance you could implement that fix in the plugin code? That would be awesome!


Where is the documentation for this? Sorry, I can never seem to find it. Thanks!


Hey @blake1, I had the same issue and was able to resolve by doing the following:

  1. Create an “On page load” workflow to set a state on the page that is a list of the data you want the RG to show when the filter input is empty.

  2. Set a condition on the RG when the filter’s input value is empty to use the data list saved to the page state.

When the page loads your RG will get its datasource from the page state. As soon as you start to filter, the condition will not be met and the RG will get its datasource from the Search and Autocomplete filter.


Hi @dambusmedia
I have a strange problem. I have the plug in using a parameter from the URL in the text to match property.

When I am in debug mode it works great. When I switch to non-debug mode it doesn’t work. I can consistently cause the issue by changing the URL.

Any Ideas?


i have the same problem, using this plug in within a reusable element, and then using the reusable element within a popup the search will not work!


AMAZING Plugin. I’m not getting it to work in a popup, though, either. Any ideas as to how to fix?