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New Plugin- Fuzzy search and autocorrect, custom search boxes


Apologies for the lack of responses, I have been away from Bubble for a long while due to changing work situation. I will see what I can do about the popup issue, will try my best to make time to work on it within a week. Of course I’ll also gladly accept pull requests if anyone else has had a chance to dive into the code.


Love the plug in.

Is it possible to have a flag that when the search box/criteria is empty it returns all results?


When the “Reset Input Search&AutoCorrect” is fired that it returns all results?


You can do that in a condition. When results are empty change data source to regular query


How to use this plugin if i have my Input field in a floating group that is hidden on page load? I think the plugin is not able to Register id’s that are not visible. Is there a workaround for this?


That works perfectly. Thank you very much.


@boostsalesgroup @richardsonjj36 Are you able to get it to work if you put the plugin element itself inside your popup / floating group?


hi, could you include other languages please


I was not able to get it to work.


works awesome, love it!

Now my issue: I have a toggle so the input is searching for users in “my connections”, if the input has info in it and I toggle it to search “all users”, I set a state that changes the data source. The search results do not update to the new data source until the input box is changed. Small UX issue. Any thoughts for me to “refresh” the results with a workflow or condition?


Edit: my solution right now is just to have two separate RG’s that tie to two separate search&autocorrect elements and just show/hide based on the toggle state and it is working fine.


FYI, this plugin works perfectly on a regular page; however, on any kind of reusible element, it does not work.


I have it working on reusable elements. However, it was finicky during setup. If I remember right, I disabled another plugin and it started working. Can’t remember which one though.

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I started having issues with this plugin when using it in a reusable element (a header). I deleted the reusable element and added it back again and bingo! Now it works! Hopefully this little tip will save people some time.