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New Plugin - Input Formatter


For the Custom option, you can set up your own spacing options in the Custom Format property. Put the size of blocks you need, separated by commas.

So if you want something to format as

You’d set the Custom Format property to


Awesome plugin, I needed this so much! However I´ve run into a couple of issues (that I believe are bugs) while using it to update an existing record versus doing a first time entry. It´s a bit complicated and long to explain over here. Would you be willing to do a Skype session with me so I can show you?


Hey there,
i have a Problem setting up your Plugin.

I don´t have the ID Attribute Field in my input section like you?
Where can i set this up?!

Thank you so much!


Hey @metzka.steffen,

You can enable ID attributes through your project’s Settings > General tab, via the Expose the option to add an ID attribute to HTML elements checkbox. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey there!
Your plugin works very well.

You think its possible to had the same with search box field?

I tried with the plugin but seems not working.

Regards :wink:


@AlonsoC Hi, I’m a bit busy to schedule a Skype session at the moment but happy to look into bugs if you can record a screencast or something.

@yusaney1 Should be possible, I’ll add that in the next version when I get some time


Hi @dambusmedia, thanks a lot for this plugin, it’s very useful!

I found a problem when using it to apdate existing fields, I think the option “display parent’s thing field” doesn’t work when the input is “under” the input formatter… Am I getting something wrong or is it a “bug” ?



The demo is not working. (in Chrome, at least)


@medicalresearchtoolb I’m not certain what you mean, could you link me to a demo of the issue you’re seeing?

@robert Thanks for letting me know, I’d edited the page and managed to break things. It’s fixed now.


@dambusmedia I was building the demo for you and it works right! probably I missed something in my app… Sorry to bother and thanks for your attention! :blush::flushed:


@dambusmedia sorry!!! I am a dumb… I just reminded which was the issue… :dizzy_face:

check it out if you get some time


Great, thanks for the demo, does look like an issue, I’ll look into it. Would you mind setting your demo app’s application rights to “everyone can edit” so I can test a couple of changes?


Done! thanks a lot


Hi. Having issues making this work (thousands format) on android mobile. Please advise.


@medicalresearchtoolb It seems the issue wasn’t with using parent’s thing’s field, but rather using any default value while in a popup. I’ve made some changes that should fix the issue. It seems to work on your demo page. Update to the latest version in the plugins tab and you should be good to go.

@robert Thousands formatting is working ok for me on Chrome on Android, what browser are you using?


I am using Chrome on Samsung Galaxy S8+ phone.

When entering the 5th digit, it does a repeat of the first 4 digits, then enters the 5th digit you touched, resulting in a 9 digit number. Then the first 3 times you press back space, it again adds 4 more digits, resulting in an absurdly long number before backspace begins to work, deleting 1 digit at a time.


Thanks a lot! I will use it for sure, it’s such a nice UX


@robert Looks like that’s an issue with cleave.js (which this is based on), there’s an open issue describing that on the upstream project’s github. Seems to be caused by predictive text on the samsung keyboard
Hopefully it gets fixed soon


Thanks for looking into this. Is there an ETA on when it will be fixed? If it gets fixed, how do we find out? Do you get notified? Will you let me know too?


Sorry for the late response, been away from the forums due to travelling. I’ll update the plugin every few months with the latest cleave.js release, and you can watch the github issue if you want a notification when the issues’ closed. Following the comments on the github issue though, sounds like the issue lies with Samsung’s keyboard not properly respecting the HTML5 auto-correct attribute, which would be a bug on their side.