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New Plugin - Input Formatter


Hi @dambusmedia! This is an awesome plugin, and really helpful for credit card UX. I wanted to bring up a bug I found:

As you can see, even though the value is being stored, everything after the first delimiter looks like it’s being erased (tab or clicking out). This only happens the first time, and re-typing the value out will keep it there.

Tested Chrome, Firefox, set as a credit card format.



Hi @callen.hedglen, I can’t access the link you’ve shared, can you change the permissions?


Hi @dambusmedia! Apologize for the even later response, and forgetting to change the permissions. I’ve made the link public, so you should be able to see the screen recording now.



Hi @dambusmedia

I’ve been using your Input formater plugin these last days, (good work btw!) but it seems that today when I tried it on mobile it was not working… It worked previously, I don’t know what might be the cause. I didn’t change anything on my side…

Thanks for your help!


Thank you!!! Very cool!


@dambusmedia would you have any recommendation for sending a single “MM/YY” field to Stripe formatted correctly by chance?

I run into 1 problems: Separating the two values in the input according to the " / " delimiter


Hey @dambusmedia - thank you for this plug in. I have a couple of issues, hoping you can help:

  1. UPPERCASE - for an input text, what value needs to be in the “Custom Format” field? I tried using the “999” shown in the demo app, but cannot input any spaces.

  2. CANADIAN POSTAL CODE - our postal codes are letters and numbers in the format A9A9A9 - can this plugin be used in this situation?

Thanks man.


Is there a way to use this plugin inside a reusable element?

I’m receiving this error at runtime in chrome when attempting to do so.

x5:8 Uncaught ReferenceError: Cleave is not defined
    at HTMLDocument.eval (eval at m.create_code (x5:15), <anonymous>:3:174)
    at j (x5:8)
    at k (x5:8)