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๐Ÿ—ƒ New plugin - Multi-Uploader [BUBBLE AWS + UPLOADCARE + FILESTACK + AZURE] BIG Update: 11/06/2018



Add awesome file/image uploader to your app!! Supports live preview, image/file size limits, file type, and much more!

You can upload your files directly to your bubble account plan, Uploadcare plan, Filestack plan or Microsoft Azure plan.

This Multi-Uploader is extremely customizable and configurable.

How it works:

Link to plugin:
Documentation, demo & editor:

โ€“ Demo:

Update: 08/17/2018 โ€“

  • Image cropper.
  • Image resizer.
  • Image quality selector.
  • Updated documentation descriptions.

Update: 08/18/2018 โ€“

  • Added server: Filestack.
  • Added server: Microsoft Azure (added test in demo page).

Update: 08/21/2018 โ€“

  • Added attach_to option (This only works on Bubble AWS). If the attach_to is not enabled will use the current user as default.
  • Solved some minor fixes. Now uploader works as well on groups & pop-ups.

Update: 08/22/2018 โ€“

  • Added option to clear uploader after success upload.
    • The uploader cleans the current upload, so it works with multiple files as well.

Update: 08/29/2018 โ€“

  • Added option to change uploader title โ€œDrag & Drop your files or Browseโ€.
  • Added compatibility to use dynamic values from bubble elements, not only from DB.
  • Now uploader element is under Input Forms tab.

Update 20-th of Feb 2019:
This plugin has been acquired by Zeroqode - for any support queries please mention @zeroqode in your post

Limit PDF upload File Size or Number of Pages

This is great!


This looks really good. Definitely saves a number of workflows. Was going through the demo, canโ€™t seem to find whether this provides a list of files or just one (for the uploadcare side). When testing, it only showed one file url even though multiple files were uploaded.


Hey @gevestobs, thanks for your feedback.

You have a workflow that runs when a file is uploaded โ€“ you can create a thing in database everytime that upload runs. (Even if you run x uploads at the same time).

In the demo page, we just created a single-link because we donโ€™t want to store pictures in a public demo where everyone can see the uploaded files.

If you want, I can create a similar scenario so you can test it!

@marcusandrews, thank you!


Ahh that makes sense, definitely an interesting way to handle it. If possible, I would love to test it.



Video demo (In the demo 6 files uploaded on Bubble AWS and 5 on Uploadcare):

Editor (to see workflows and data after uploading):
Demo page:

Please care this demo page creates things on the DB.



Awesome, thanks for the quick response. Thatโ€™s what I was looking for!


This looks good. Defintley going to have to look into moving over to this.


Looks great! Do you have an ETA for cropping and resize?


Hello, @boostsalesgroup

I think it will be ready in the coming days.



Great! Looking forward that. Does it work on mobile?


@boostsalesgroup Yes! It works on mobile.

Updated page to be responsive with mobile devices!



@yusaney1 Great work, your building a stellar stack of plugins for Bubble, congrats

In addition to the crop and resize request, I donโ€™t suppose you can add the quality of saved image to the list e.g. quality set 75% (moderate compression), to reduce the filesize output?

Also just a small thing, but could there be a way to change the success gradient colour? As it would be cool to match the green to a custom colour?



Update: 08/17/2018 โ€“

  • Image cropper.
  • Image resizer.
  • Image quality selector.
  • Updated documentation descriptions.

@boostsalesgroup @luke2


@yusaney1 Great work and speedy turn around - will be giving this a try over the weekend :+1:


This looks fantastic! Is there a way to add another field like a caption for photos?


Hello @blake1, thank you for the feedback!

Can you please bring me an example?



Hi @yusaney1, can you create one plugin to upload to amazon s3 ? google drive? azure?


Hello @juancamilovasquezard, will add those servers to our roadmap.



Update: 08/18/2018 โ€“

  • Added server: Filestack.