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🗃 New plugin - Multi-Uploader [BUBBLE AWS + UPLOADCARE + FILESTACK + AZURE] BIG Update: 11/06/2018


Update: 08/18/2018 –

  • Added server: Microsoft Azure (added test in demo page).



Amazing work




Wow, super quick updates. I was wondering, one of Uploadcare’s features is that it allows users to upload from a variety of sources like Dropbox, Flickr, even from a link. However, since this plugin doesn’t use the Uploadcare widget, I’m guessing that feature can’t be implemented? Or is it possible?


Should I add a checkbox on the uploader that says open Uploadcare widget when pressing on the uploader?

And give the option to use Uploadcare widget instead of native uploader?



Yeah that would be nice. I have used their widget and it’s pretty smooth!


Yeah I agree with @boostsalesgroup , I think that would be great.


Hello @boostsalesgroup and @gevestobs.

We added that in our roadmap, btw we have the intention to add all the existing servers to be compatible with our plugin.

Server roadmap is this:

  • Amazon S3
  • Dropbox
  • Flickr
  • Box
  • Drive

If you want any other feel free to suggest. That’s why I’m thinking on not add the Uploadcare widget, and use a native uploader.

You can do with the plugin almost all the (uploading functions) that Uploadcare offers and we are selling this features at only $25/one time payment only.


I think there is more added value if they are added natively by @yusaney1 instead of doing it through uploadcare.


Hey! I like this direction for sure. I would rather pay to @yusaney1 than uploadcare. Having good cropping functionality for avatars and mobile friendliness are my needs. Of course uploading from server is amazing add on. Uploadcare widget does this very well at the moment but I don’t really need them if I don’t have to.


@boostsalesgroup Yes, I think you will be pleased with the purchase.

I have in mind adding very soon a very elegant profile image-uploader with nice cropping functionality and of course mobile friendliness.



Looking forward it! I will be buying


Will have that in our roadmap of coming updates.
I will send you a notification when it’s ready, thanks.



This plugin is great and is exactly what we needed. The only issue is we need to attach the file to a specific record instead of the user who uploaded it (we are using Bubble storage). Is there a way to specify what we are attaching this file to like in the File Uploader control?


Hello, thanks for purchasing.

Yes it is possible. I will add this option in a couple of hours.



Update: 08/21/2018 –

  • Added attach_to option (This only works on Bubble AWS). If the attach_to is not enabled will use the current user as default.
  • Solved some minor fixes. Now uploader works as well on groups & pop-ups.



That works great, you can now attach your files to any data type.


Is there a way to clear the contents (either a single item or all) of the Multi-Uploader using a workflow or other method? Right now it looks like only the the user can remove an item by clicking the “X” to remove it from the list. We process each file the user uploads and would like to remove it once we have completed that process if possible. Either way great plugin!


Update: 08/22/2018 –

  • Added option to clear uploader after success upload.
    • The uploader cleans the current upload, so it works with multiple files as well.

To use this option, just make sure you enabled Clear after uploading at bottom of the uploader options:



Wow, that was quick and works perfectly! Thank you…