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🗃 New plugin - Multi-Uploader [BUBBLE AWS + UPLOADCARE + FILESTACK + AZURE] BIG Update: 11/06/2018


Hmmm, it works on the page but I seem to be running into an issue when using the uploader in popups. It either doesn’t show up. Or it looks like this:

I’m currently using the default settings. With uploadcare and my public key.



Are you using the last version?



Yeah I am using the latest version. Thanks for the test setup, I’ll try refreshing my app and browser a couple of times. Maybe that might clean things up with whatever code is messing up on my end.


Make sure: you are filling the id input (?)

If still not works, try this extreme: delete the element on the page and draw it again, sometimes Bubble holds an old version until you re-drag the element to the page.



Do you have a demo how front end image cropping works?


Hello @boostsalesgroup, it’s pretty easy to use.
You just have to enable cropping and select the desired AspectRatio.

In this GIF, I’m using 4:3 aspect ratio:

Multi-Uploader plugin has a native cropping and resizing functions, so the image is being processed and then uploaded with the desired options to maximize the quality of the image and not depend on any external resource or API URL: /image&max_heigh=400&…

If you have any additional questions feel free to ask.
We are going to launch in the next hours an update to add the possibility of using dynamic values from inputs, dropdowns, and any bubble elements not only from the database!



Ok got it. So there is no option to choose or move witch are will be cropped? Just saying that for profile pictures this would be needed function… Example


Hello @boostsalesgroup, will investigate if it’s possible to add this to the plugin.

Thanks for the tip!


Thanks! It is what I personally need for cropping profile pictures with fixed ratio.


This works well! However, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to clear uploads when a user clicks a “reset” button and I can’t seem to make it work conditionally with the “Clear after uploading” option.


Thank you for the feedback @gevestobs,
Will add a workflow to do that in the coming update. I have a big update and many work!

Sorry, will try to release the update as soon possible!


No problem. Really appreciate the work you put into the plugins and responding to users!


My IE 11 users are reporting issues with this plugin, is it not compatible?


Hello, had a lot of troubles with IE, especially with old versions, I will try to add custom code to make it compatible ONLY with IE 11, in the next update, but I can’t guarantee that will work.

Thanks for reporting,


Loads of stuff does not work well in ie11!


Any updates with a cropper?


Hello @boostsalesgroup, today I back from vacations. In the next days going to release an update to fix some dynamic values from the uploader.

I’m going to add a better cropper but I can’t give you a T.E because it’s not something that I’m going to do in 5 minutes.



I hope you had fun! I appreciate working on this. I will purchase this plugin.


Looks great!

@yusaney1 Can we change the main text “Drag & Drop your files” ?


Hello, yes it should be possible. Will add this to next update that should come in 1-2 days.