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🗃 New plugin - Multi-Uploader [BUBBLE AWS + UPLOADCARE + FILESTACK + AZURE] BIG Update: 11/06/2018


No news for now…


Working on a fix. Hopefully the fix will be done in the next few hours.



The problems are fixed. No update is required. Make sure you refresh your editor.

@AZDryHeat, @knaub.kirill1



Hi @yusaney1, still having the same error where the uploaded file just says “loading” / “waiting for file size”. Uploading never finishes. I’m on a dedicated plan, so wondering if I have to wait for bubble to push out an update to my server?



Sent you a PM.


I just tested the new version and I still have the same issue. Has this been resolved? This is critical for our app that this works. Thanks!


Other customers reported that is already working. Sent you a PM.


Working in my end as of earlier this am. Thanks to yueseny -


BTW - I love this app, it’s one of my favorites. For anyone needing a Multi-file uploader, this is the app to get. Lots of features and I love the fact I can easily save to base 64 without any extra workflows.


My issue was fully resolved thanks to the great work of @yusaney1
I agree with @gilles it’s one of my favorite plugins.


@yusaney1 The plugin is not working for me on certain pages for some reason. Not sure why it is just showing a basic button?


Sent you a PM


@yusaney1 Truly great plugin, works seamlessly :+1:

Just a small request that comes to mind for the plugin:

When the ‘Max Files’ is set and the user tries to upload more than that value it rejects the files which is great, but would it be possible to have a condition e.g. max files limit is uploaded - then we could show an alert to tell the user they have tried to upload over the set limit in place.

Also is it possible to be able to name the saved files so we can dynamically assign a name and keep the uploaded files organised?



Small bump :blush:


Hello @luke2, I’m sorry for not responding sooner but those days I’m having some personal tasks and I’m not connected at all.

Will truly add this feature to the next update!



Thanks @yusaney1 that would be very handy indeed.

One other thing I noticed is that uploading files through the Uploader plugin seems to create a folder prefix called ‘fileupload’ within the site domain and then a random string and the result file. Where as uploading through the Bubble file uploader ends with the file being uploaded through the Amazon S3 (& cloudfront).

The reason I raise this is because I was hoping to use Imgix on the processed the photos I am uploading, but unfortunately it will only process if the uploaded photos/media is uploaded on Amazon S3. Do you know if there is a way around this or is something in the future on the cards for native uploads? Thanks very much.



Hey, how do I set the uploader to only accept .png ?

I now have: image/png but it doesn’t work…



Hello @eddy, every set of options come with a general checkbox rule that turns on or off all the options of that group.

So when you want to use the FileTypes options, you have first to turn on the main rule:




yes I know it’s on :slight_smile:

is the ‘image/png’ right?


Edit: It should work. using image/png
Can you show a screenshot of your uploader options again and show all the opts.