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🗃 New plugin - Multi-Uploader [BUBBLE AWS + UPLOADCARE + FILESTACK + AZURE] BIG Update: 11/06/2018


Hi there,

Because the uploader element is within a repeating group you’ll have trouble initalizing the uploader so it will function. Is there a specific reason why you want the uploader in every repeating group cell?



@levon congrats on picking up the plugin, very useful.

Just wondering if there are any plans to expand the plugin based on the feature requests/ideas on this thread? Cheers


Thanks Luke, we are about to make an announcement about this together with @yusaney1
there were many feature requests in this thread and some of them overlap with the functionality of our other plugins, so we’d really like to hear again which are the most critical feature requests for this plugin so we could consider implementing them?
I guess some of the requests posted are not relevant anymore so would be interested in an updated list.


This plugin has been transferred to Zeroqode - for any support queries please mention @zeroqode in your post

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Thanks @levon

I’ve backtracked and summarised the requested features from this thread, I know some range from advanced to some being basic additions, but would be interesting to hear your thoughts as to the possibilities of expanding on this great plugin for the future. Cheers.

  • Integrated live cropping functionality when a photo is uploaded
  • Ability to save directly to users own Amazon S3 bucket
  • Option to set initial content for Uploader
  • Track/Access uploaders file’s file size, getting the individual file size of the uploaded file (KB value preferred)
  • Integrated storage for Google drive
  • Conditional state for 'When this Uploader’s max files - so that if a user tries to upload more files that is set/allowed we can have a error message or alert appear
  • Being able to dynamically set/save saved file names for improved file organisation.
  • Ability to set drag/drops elements background and font color.
  • Exposed state of the list of files uploaded (right now only a single file is exposed so can’t set/add a list. Unable to make the current exposed state work on lists).
  • Load/unload file(not upload/delete)
  • Upload workflow action (to be able to upload loaded files from workflow system)
  • Enable/disable upload option in widget (leaving only the option of upload from workflow)


I cant seem to get it to work with Azure… what part of the SAS key is needed? There are 3 SAS strings in azure and i have tired all of them but it does not work @levon


Hello @ryan8, I recorded this Azure-setting demo some ago for another customer.

Hope this helps!


thanks ill take a lool


i am so confused as to how you made the key? Is this not the same as the SAS token?


Ah… it is… i was missing the CORS… thanks that video helped. I just had to pay closer attention lol


Hi Luke,
but many of those requests might have been just out of curiousity without any real need, and many might have not be relevant anymore because some time has passed since users requested them, thus it would be inefficient to spend time even analyzing the possibility of implementing those features.
So we’d rather like to see what users really need - if there is something really critical for you please share.


Hi Levon,

Sure I understand, these were just ideas really for new features, I’m not suggesting you execute each one as I know it would be a huge time constraint and not feasible.

I think for quick wins and to improve the fundamental plugin these 2 requests are a good place to start if possible:

  • Track/Access uploaders file’s file size, getting the individual file size of the uploaded file (KB value preferred)
  • Conditional state for 'When this Uploader’s max files - so that if a user tries to upload more files that is set/allowed we can have a error message or alert appear

Any clarification needed on these 2 please give me a shout.


Hi Luke,
we’ll check if it’s possible,


we’ve just added 2 states:

  1. Max files - Yes/No
  2. File Size (in KB)
    Please upgrade and check


For me these would still be a nice addition. I bought the plugin but had to revert back to Bubble standard solution.

2 and 4 are current standard options of the plugin and 1 and 3 would complement them with Bubble functionality.

I tried to look for a workaround after buying the plugin but didn’t succeed unfortunately.


Thanks for implementing Levon.

Just a couple of notes:

  1. The max files is working fine, but for instance when I setup a ‘When condition is true’ to display an alert, it will only display once when true, rather than everytime the condition is true (even though set to run evertime).
  2. The file size seems to be the input size, I’m not sure of the general consensus of other Bubble users, but it might be more practical if this was the output, final saved file size, as the output can differ in size when using the ‘quality’ and the ‘resize’ options on the plugin.

Thanks again


Hi @luke2, @levon

Luke - thanks for compiling the recommended list of updates. I agree with your recent #2, it would be great to see the final saved file size. Thus I can keep track of how much memory each of my customers are using for billing purposes.

Also, @levon, I second the cropping feature if it’s possible. Even if it’s a simple rectangle / square cropper so we can isolate the image vector we want to save or OCR.

Thank you!,


Hi @gilles & @luke2 we’ll check these out


HI @luke2 @gilles

we have fixed Max files condition triggering only once and changed files size state to the actual final saved file size.

this feature already exists in plugin settings. Please take a look


@levon any option of implementing these features?