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🗃 New plugin - Multi-Uploader [BUBBLE AWS + UPLOADCARE + FILESTACK + AZURE] BIG Update: 11/06/2018


Nice one Levon, all working.


Hey @gilles

No problem. The file size is now the final output size, even when using a variable on the quality and crop, so its the saved size to Amazon S3 which is nice, as we can always limit the max file size within the elements options.

As for the crop this is already possible:


But I assume you mean something like a frontend option of a cropping grid where users can control the size, similar to the Croppie plugin - is that right?


This is nice! Looking to use it for my app


Sorry, @JonL missed this somehow
what does load/unload mean?
why do you still need to use the widget if you disable the upload option in it?


Hi Levon,

Load and unload made reference to old methods in the documentation of filepond.
I believe the developer changed this into a setting option in newer versions.

I think the option is now called “instantUpload”. I believe that if set to false the files loaded into the filepond will not be uploaded instantly to the server destination. It will require a confirm step probably through the server API of the plugin.

The use case is to give the end user a chance of changing the files before they are uploaded to the server if he/she loaded one or several by mistake to the filepond.

It will also avoid uploading unnecessary bloat to the destination servers.

Thus the workflow action to confirm the upload through the appropriate server API method of the plugin.

And thus the option of getting as an exposed state the list of all the files that have been uploaded in a batch from the workflow system. Right now the plugin only provides the latest file uploaded in the exposed state but as the upload is done instantly you can’t do much with the exposed state if you upload 10 files.

All those 4 feature requests I asked about are somehow connected.


@luke2 @gilles @levon the same developer of filepond has a plugin that provides real time cropping and editing features and works out of the box with filepond.

Unfortunately it has to be licensed. 750$/year for SAAS.


Thanks for the info - very fluid, like the animations, but the license cost is unfortunately too steep.

I’m happy enough at the moment to just force the crop on the Uploader plugin, I’m working with holiday rental photos, so I’ve just forced a 3:2 ratio and this seems to be fine, as I don’t really want me users to be uploading portraits :wink:

I suppose with regards to a real time cropping option, it could be that you use the Uploader plugin, combined with the Croppie plugin to feed in the result image/s. It wouldn’t be as fluid, but could be a workaround if something cant be bolted into this plugin.


Thats correct @luke2. Front end cropper like croppie plug-in.


sorry for a delay. wouldn’t deleting files if they were uploaded by mistake be a good workaround?

makes sense, we’ll check

but why do you need enable/disable upload in the widget? what the widget will be used for in that case?


By having the option to postpone the upload action to the Workflow System you would have further control over the files that will be uploaded.

I’m thinking of any preprocessing action to the file like complex validations, renaming, folder management prior to upload and file/image manipulation among others.

It could also synergize with server plugins that accept a file as an argument in the future.


Hi @JonL
we have update the plugin
Added new state
All files url, this is a list of urls for the uploaded files.

Added 2 new actions,
start upload and remove files.
In plugin settings added checkbox “Start upload from workflow”, when it is checked upload will start only from workflow
here is the updated demo page:

@JonL can you please check these updates and let us know if they work for you and whether you still think the other feature requests are necessary


I keep getting: 58 and can’t upload anything…

I initialise the uploader via a workflow. Anything I’m missing?


Thanks Levon and Team. I will test this during the weekend and let you know.


Hey @eddy

How are you initialising the element, page load? Or when a condition is true?

I’ve found the page load method to be the most reliable form.


tried both…


Possibly a bug then, just on your app, though could also maybe a conflict between other plugins on your app, any recent changes there?

Happy to double check if you want to send over editor link my way.


Hi Eddy, do you initialize the uploader through a “when page is loaded” workflow?
do you alway get this error or sometimes? can you share some links where we can check this?


Hey guys… thank you for all your hard work on these plugins… Is there anyway to get the isUploading and percentloaded of upload object??? @levon


Hi Ryan,
not the right time at the moment, backlog is overloaded, sorry


Hey i understand… hope you can get caught up :slight_smile: