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Yes, it was a problem with the url format. I needed to add the http://. Thanks!


@gaurav. Where can i find the mention element. Can’t find here in bubble; I have already installed Tagger plugin.


It should show up in the Elements section of your design tab


Hey @gaurav, may you helpe me on how to add a text inside a multiline input? I.e, when i click a button add a text inside multiline input at current postion

. The way bubble works all the initial content of multiline is changed. Thanks.


Think you asked this the other thread too… responded in that. I dont think it is related to this thread btw


Sorry my bad. It’s in workflows tab. You’ll see a workflow step ‘Setup mentions’. Screenshot attached


Hi @gaurav. Congrats for the plugin. This plugin does not work in rich-text multiline input, only in normal multiline input. What can we do?


Yes rich text multiline input are not standard components unlike input, multiline inputs. This plugin will only work with standard input and multiline inputs. Don’t think we can do anything here.


Thanks. May be later with some update, who knows.
Any way, your plugin is fantastic.


I’m having trouble getting the mention to work in a floating group. Has anyone had this issue?


Can you share a test page for us to see the issue?


Hello @gaurav,

I was just wondering if it is possible to make the mentions link, link to the mentioned users profile page?

It’s currently setting the url to but I need that to be as obviously I can’t send data to the user page just by their name… or can I?




Hi @juancosta900, it seems like the Vanilla Rich Text Editor BETA 5 UPDATE (THEMES) offer mentions and #-tags. I haven’t tried using them, but it probably worth checking out :slight_smile:



Hi @BassLab,
you can set the page type User:

Then send the mentioned user to the page


Hi @petter.sjulstad,

I already have the user page set up properly. I’m trying to get it so when I click on the mentioned user, generated from tagger it takes me to that users profile, but there is no option to say when ‘mentioned user is clicked’ it just automatically generates a url with the mentioned users username.

So using a custom event surely wouldn’t make any difference as the option to send the data when ‘mentioned user is clicked’ isn’t there :man_shrugging:t3:… rather lost with this, and also I can not have a mentioned user and hashtag together as none of them generate links at all.


The above should be part of a post containing other text such as:


So when a user clicks that link it should go to the mentioned users page, but as I said it goes to which doesnt’ work.

Also does anyone know why, when I type a post saying follow @user its says follow twice?




How do you create the link?


Using the tagger plugin. When I create a post with tagger it automatically generates the link and I can’t see how to make that link along with the users unique id.

I’ve also noticed that when you add anything other than just a username the link doesn’t work, so in image one if I click the link it takes me to the domain as I stated, however in image two it does nothing at all. And if I try to add a hashtag to that as well, no links get generated whatsoever.

Seems all a bit too much I think, if I could just give up with it I would happily do so :joy: but I need those features for the social site I’m building.


Can you set you app to “everyone can view” and link to the app so that we can have a look at what’s going on?


No problem,

I don’t want to share the desing etc that I have now (as it’s taken me a while to get it looking the way it does), but I have a version that I began with using the twitter style clone template - it still has the tagger how it is set up in the project my questions have been regarding though.

I’ll send it to you in a PM now.


Hi guys,

I’ve still not made any progress :man_facepalming: is anybody able to point me in the right direction with this at all please? it would be greatly appreciated.