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Hei, @gaurav I ran into a problem. When I setup mentions on a list that has over 10.000 entries, it can not load. I have tested and it works fine on shorter lists. Any thoughts?:thinking:


How did you create lists with over 10000 entries? I thought bubble doesn’t support more than that!


just so I explain myself correct… I run Tagger on the database type witch has over 10000 entries. I upload them with csv file. Some of those entries are empty though. Once in the while I need to update it and overwrite the database, but haven’t managed to completely delete the empty entries. However there are for sure over 5000 actual entries on the datatype and I struggle to run Tagger on it.


I got a question. I have multi line input where mentions type @user are triggered for current user’s ListOfFriends. What I need to do is to extract the list of mentions from the multi line input and to save them as a list of users on the same thing. What I was able to do so far is to extract the mentions only as a text.


Yes that’s the expectation. Now that you have the list of texts, you can
‘do a search for users’’ where their mention name ‘is in’ this list of texts.


Thank you for reply, @gaurav. but in this case it could match other users having the same name. Isn’t it? Maybe there is the way to associate it by uniqueId?


Yeah the mentions name for each user will have to be unique for you to reference the right user. Unfortunately I can’t associate it by unique id easily.


I have the same issue. I can’t setup mentions on a floating group. Have you found any solution for that guys? @rosshelton @gaurav Thanks!


What if its in a group that’s within a floating group?


it seams that it would not setup mentions on anything what is inside floating group, no matter what :thinking:


are you planning to look into Taggers issue on floating groups? Much appreciated!


Yep. Will keep you posted


Hi @d.norkus ,

First off, sorry for the delayed response. The plugin seems to work fine on floating groups on my end. Here’s a simple example setup wherein it works on a input as well as multi-line input inside a floating group:

If above approach doesn’t help, please share link to your editor and I can have a look.



Hey, thank you for taking your time to help me on this issue! I know, I tried to do it again from scratch and it’s working just fine. However, if I do it on my website which I am currently developing I get some issue. Could you possibly have a look at it. :thinking:


The link ain’t working


Hey again, I have managed to make it work. I had errors from my website’s side to cause this issue. Sorry for involving you!


Did you figure this out? If not, see my earlier posts above.


Awesome plugin!

I just have a small issue: it seems that the OneSignal Push Notifications plugin is conflicting with Tagger. When OneSignal Push Notifications is installed, Tagger doesn’t work (ex: for Mention, no dropdown list appears) - with Chrome at least.

Is there a way around this?


I have a more mysterious issue with the replacing values.

When I define the same list of usernames for both the selectable and the replacing values without doing a “do a search for”, it doesn’t work, as explained here below.

Solution 1 (doesn’t work):

However, it does work when I specify a search for at least the replacing values…

Solution 2 (works):

Or the same search for both selectable and replacing values.

Solution 3 (works):

The thing is, I would prefer to use solution 1 since my list will always be fairly short, whereas the search could require to go through potentially an infinite number of users.

Any hint on why solution 1 doesn’t work?


Could be that you aren’t adding the join with ‘,’ at the end?