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Hi Gaurav,

Thanks a lot for looking into my issue.

It doesn’t seem to be the reason, though.

To take a simpler example, this setup doesn’t work:

While this one does (same list of users’ usernames, but obtained through a search):


What I meant was in the first setup (and even in second one) you should end with “join with , “. Bubble adds it automatically in some cases and sometimes it doesn’t


Also none of the names should be blank in the first case else you would see “, ,” which is invalid. I suggest you see what those expressions evaluate to by putting them in a text element or something (or using the debugger). That should throw some light


I see, interesting to know!

So like this?

Unfortunately this doesn’t fix the issue… (sending you the link to the editor by PM for more context).


Alright, so the problem is identified! :hugs:

My inputs were in a popup, and even though I was setting up Mention in the workflow after “showing” that popup up, the setup process couldn’t work properly because a popup is not shown instantly but “animated” over a certain period of time (by default).

It was already established earlier in this thread that inputs need to be visible at the time of setup in order for the setup to apply to the inputs.

So one way around this is to add a pause in the workflow to give enough time to the popup animation to be completed before setting up Mention.

The same issue and therefore the same solution are I guess relevant for any group containing your inputs that you would show using an animation rather than a show/hide action.


Just released an update to Better Text Editor which includes mentions, hashtags and lot more without any of the complexity of this plugin :smile:

Check out here
[Plugin update] Better Text Editor


Hi, were you able to figure this out??



Mention xorks for me. Now want to send email to people linked to this mention.

How to do it ?



Hey @jv.hirigoyen,
That functionality is supported by the text editor plugin in the bubble developer kit