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[New Plugin] Uploader (bdk)

Hello Bubblers,

We have a new addition to the Bubble Developer Kit :smiley:

Better Uploader : A drop-n-use, powerful & highly customizable file uploader. Enable your users to upload files in a classy UX & from any source - their device, dropbox, box, google drive, instagram, url etc. Also includes ability to take picture / video from camera.

Automatically uploads the files to your uploadcare account and returns file urls (accessible via a superfast content-delivery network) for use in your bubble app. Inbuilt preview, image effects and cropping tools, international language support and much more.

Screenshot below. Demo here . Editor here .

Happy Bubbling,


Great again! And it’s responsive, thanks.

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Really great work there - clean interface and many options for image adjustments - I like :+1:

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Thanks for this plugin, it’s a very good initiative from your part. However, I just have some question. What do you say about “highly customizable” ? What we can do ? Can we change the color of the button ? Can we add some workflows ? Can we remove workflow already implemented ?



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Hi Yacine,
Thanks for the feedback!
You can check out the all available customization and plugin features from the demo and editor links posted earlier.

Simply open up the editor and select the uploader to view its property editor. In addition, I recommend checking out the plugin documentation at before making any purchase

Plugin update: May 30, 2019

Added 1:1, 4:3, 16:9 cropping aspect ratios for images. Great for restricting uploaded images aspect ratios for applications such as profile pictures, posts etc. Simply upgrade the plugin version to use the feature.

Thanks to @richardsherman for suggesting the feature.


Thanks @gaurav! HUGE help for profile images!!

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So you can’t change the way it looks? I’m showing too ugly blue buttons side by side…I would love to be able to trigger the uploader widget with my own button.

Sorry what two buttons? Can you share a screenshot?

I don’t know how I missed it, but it’s a great plug-in. Thanks


@creatorbee, I responded to you on your initial thread: "Upload" from Google Drive to Bubble