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[NEW PLUGIN] VanillaToasts Website Notifications


VanillaToasts - Agnostic Javascript Library for Website Notifications

Create toasts & notifications on your website with ease. This library is extremely lightweight and depends on no other library. Simply load the script and css to your page, and use the simple API to start launching toasts on your page.

Check it out:

See the demo here



I’m not paying $4 for something I can’t demo.

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Sorry about that Marcus, I’ve just added the demo link.


Can you customise the design?

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how does this differ from (there is also a pro version which lets you target the notification to an element by id) and which is also kindly provided free

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Yes, it can be customized. The current stylesheet is loaded from the original CDN at

You can message me if you want to change the design.


AirAlert uses jQuery and a different library and design to load the toasts. VanillaToasts is extremely lightweight and depends on no other library. you can also add an icon to your message displaying any image or current user’s image for example.

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