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|NEW PRODUCT| Blazyer Development | Server Chatting System


Hey Everyone! My name is George Orwell! Chairman of Blazyer Development! I have recently developed a new product! And it’s free for limited time. In 2 months it will be 2 Dollars USD. It is a Server/Support Chatting System.

PM via bubble for more info!




Oh and shoutout to @Beau For Helping me!


You guys did not make the chatting system. It is a template which is available for free here:
You guys are breaking Bubble’s terms & conditions.


wow lol


Not really. It’s a template “free” for use. I know the rules. I’ve been here longer than you think.


a. General. You are responsible for all text, images, photographs, or other materials provided or uploaded by you or Direct Users associated with your Account to the Platform or Site (“ Direct User Content ”). Direct User Content includes all content of Bubble Sites, the design and workflow of a Bubble Site, all data generated by or submitted to a Bubble Site (including information relating to End Users), any templates or plugins you make available through the Bubble Marketplace, and any comments, reviews, responses or other information posted in any user forums or the equivalent. AS BETWEEN YOU AND BUBBLE, YOU AGREE THAT YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL CONTENT, OPERATION, AND MANAGEMENT OF ANY BUBBLE SITE OR OTHER DIRECT USER CONTENT TO WHICH YOU HAVE ACCESS (INCLUDING IF SUCH DIRECT USER CONTENT WAS PRODUCED BY OTHERS OPERATING ON YOUR BEHALF, SUCH AS WHERE MULTIPLE DIRECT USERS HAVE ACCESS TO A SINGLE BUBBLE SITE), AND YOU AGREE TO INDEMNIFY BUBBLE FOR ANY CLAIMS, DAMAGES, COSTS, AND LIABILITIES ARISING FROM SUCH BUBBLE SITE OR CONTENT . For each piece of Direct User Content that you submit, you represent and warrant that: (i) you have the right to submit the Direct User Content to the Platform and grant the licenses set forth in this Section 4; (ii) if payment is required to any third party for the display of such Direct User Content that is licensed, you are solely responsible for all such payments and will indemnify Bubble for any third party seeking license or other payments related to Direct User Content from Bubble; (iii) the Direct User Content does not infringe, violate or misappropriate any third party’s rights, including any copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights and privacy rights; and (iv) the Direct User Content complies with these Terms, the Acceptable Use Policy and all applicable laws.

I am abiding by these rules! I gave them credit.


Sorry, but I don’t see any credit being given here? Plus you didn’t make it, and are interpreting the terms wrong.




Its on the system. The credit


Where tho?


This is what brings down the CAD/MDT category, people like you calling yourselfs developers when in actual fact you haven’t done smack. Grow a pair and build something from scratch.


It was moved by a staff member.


??? I gave credit. You just cant see it/


Well, if someone can’t see it. Obviously there’s something wrong. The chatting system is a chatting template that is available for free.