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Not all details from making changes to a thing are showing up when I select them to appear in a drop-down on the same page


Using stripe.js plug-in; followed step-by-step videos and did exactly what I was told; not working :frowning:

Hi there

  1. Made a new type (called ‘card’) in data and made 3 new fields (1. brand; 2. last 4 digits; 3. card ID)
  2. Converted card to Stripetoken
  3. Made changes to thing (card) - 3 lines (1. brand; 2. last 4 digits; 3. card ID)
  4. In design, made drop-down which did a search on card, and selected brand + last 4 digits to appear
  5. Brand appears, last 4 digits does not (and doesn’t seem to be captured in data either)