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Nope haven’t found a solution yet. Driving me nuts too :slight_smile:


same problem here.


I understand that you are extremely busy, just making this is an amazing thing to do. I can send mass messages but not individual ones.


Great work!


I can send individual messages. I will try to take a closer look at the thread above and my setup when I get home and reply later.


Thank you


I’m also having some issues with getting the playerid. Couple questions:

Will the pastebin js work when testing the app in the android studio emulator?

Will the web version js work right away on page load (the page where the user is redirected to after login) and should provide a value? (i have a temp test text on the page that is the js element’s value)

Do I need to setup web notifications in OneSignal and add the sdk files to bubble root and add the JS? Or would the plugin sort this out?

The problems with web notifications is that in Onesignal you cannot add a sub directory, so version-test is out of the question

By the way, sending an individual push notification works perfectly if I manually copy the player ID from onesignal into my app. Now just getting it through the API, that would be awesome!


You CAN NOT get PlayerID in Android Emulator! For Android you need real device. Only on xcode/iOS you can get playerID.
Please be sure you setup all browser even if you don’t intend to test on them, otherwise it won’t work.
You don’t need to add any SDK files, the plugin handles everything. (Plus the js)
It works to send individual messages via api. You just need to setup that part of bubble workflow.


when you say real device, do you mean a connected device instead of an emulator? Basically select a usb connected hardware device when you click the ‘play’ button?
Or would it mean to actually publish the apk first and load it on a device?

I’m gonna do iOS next, would that work as described from xcode?


That I don’t know. I’ve tested apk on device. It SHOULD work as connected on USB but needs to be tested.
Yes, it will work on iOS.


the pastebin code refers to iOS. Will it work on Android as well?

Ok, with another session, this is how far I’ve come:

  1. Everything seems to be setup correctly. I have setup OneSignal for Android as well as iOS and sending messages to devices (virtual and hardware) works.

  2. getting the playerID in Bubble doesn’t work when I connect a device to Xcode and run the app from a hardware device. The app works fine, messages get sent and received but the player ID is not generated from the javascript element.

  3. Getting a playerID in Bubble also doesn’t work for a hardware device using Android Studio. Same as above, everything works but no playerID

  4. If I manually enter the playerID from my Android phone into the Bubble DB, I can send individual push notifications. This works just fine.

  5. This is the strangest: if I connect to a virtual device using Xcode, the playerID gets stored in Bubble but it is not a playerID I recognize from any user registered to my app in OneSignal. In OneSignal I have no user with this player ID and sending a notification doesn’t work on any of the connected devices.

I feel like I’m close, but still not there yet. Could there be an issue with using the test-version in Bubble? I think it should not, but clearly something is keeping it from working.


Didn’t had the time to test. I will try to test it over the weekend.
Tried to talk to the developer of SuperView and it didn’t quite give me the right answer. IT’s an excellent product! But I made a lot of modifications myself for what I needed.


Hey so i figured everything out that i asked you, but i am completely lost trying to edit the SuperView to take the name off and put MY apps name on the project so that when i upload to the app store it doesnt say SuperView

How do I do this?



Glad you fixed it.
You can either ask for support from the developer how to change the name, or follow the video tutorials included in the packaged that you downloaded from codecanyon.


In android or iOS? Android is little more tricky. iOS you asked in the other thread right?


Do you think you could help me get my app on the app store this week?


Hey, Have you been able to get the playerID in the bubble database when using Superview for android?


Hello Vincent, have you been able to get the playerID in bubble database when using Superview from Android?
Any help would be really appreciated. I have been stuck onto this for a long time now.



No. See my post couple posts up.


So the developer of the superview wrapper came back to me with the following line of code to get the playerid:

function getFirebaseToken() {

function getOneSignalToken() {
     alert("RegisterId:" + android.getOneSignalRegisteredId() );

Anyone an idea how to append the bubble_fn_x(?) line to this to publish the value?