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OneSignal FREE plugin for FREE and UNLIMITED Push Notifications 📱


well it’s the STATISTICS that they sell, BIG DATA, not individual push notification content. Please don’t talk if you don’t know what you’re talking about.


Hey! How is it going? Have you had time to work on the browser notifications?


sorry I am facing some other issues on my project and need to finish those. But I will get back to this, I promise. I just can’t provide an ETA. I can’t break promises.


No worries!


Guys, there are 144 posts currently and there is no clear answer to my question.
I’m a right not currently there is no option to send individual push notification for Desktop Users (Chrome, FireFox, IE, etc) because there is no workaround how to register users (get PlayerID )?


The plugin has been updated. Please understand that this is a FREE plugin. If I were to ask 15$/installation or 5$/mo it would’ve been 727 installs * 15 = 10905 USD or 3635 USD every month.
When I tried to develop a humanitarian project (and I am still working on it) NOBODY wanted to join, even though it will help saves lives on a daily basis.
So I am sorry if I am not updating this FREE plugin fast enough to work on EVERY platform.


I think I’ve asked a very simple question which expects Yes or No answers didn’t I?
I haven’t pushed you with flood messages "Where is update?, right?

I think if you’ll share here some donation options - I believe some users (including me when I get this plugin worked) with support you.


It’s about your attitude, the way you asked and even now how you replied.
You’re not the first one who suggested donations. That’s not the point.
The plugin works, just not for web ATM.
I will update here when it will work on Web too.
It should, it just that I didn’t have the time to test.


I’ve asked normally without any background of “give me that NOW”. I understand that you’re busy by all your other replies.


Hi, thank you very much for your plugin. It’s amazing!

I worked very hard to make it work for Web Push and I was able putting OneSignal script in Bubble script header. I don’t know if it is the right practice or not, but it worked for me. This way, I hope I can contribute someway for your project.



@mproto1 Can you some how show your Bubble page for reference?


@petrucho I’m sending some images and I hope this can help you.

  1. Add this script in Bubble with your App ID from OS

  2. Get the ID with Javascript from Toolbox Plugin, put the id between quotes, ex: “ID”

  3. Follow the steps that @mvandrei taught in the top of this topic

  4. Create a API connector as mentioned by @mishav or use OneSignal Free developed by @mvandrei

  5. Send the message to the players ID between brackets, ex: [“ID1”,“ID2”]

I’d like to thanks again everyone for the help! I hope this can contribute too.



@mproto1 thank you so much for sharing your working solution.
With help of you screenshots and manual I was able to re-create One signal push as a Native API Call in 1 hour and get this working.


Hey @mvandrei! I wonder what is the latest version of the script? I’m finally using this with SuperView (iOS) and Testflight but I’m facing some issues when I’m not able to see and save the PID ID to the database because script that I’m using doesn’t seem to run correctly. (I am using this script). Your original script from the documentation does work for iOS but it doesn’t work with multiple devices.

I can send push notifications to everybody from OneSignal so it almost works. It is pretty sweet!


The script is okay. I will look over your project’s workflow later. Maybe you misused the js code.


Ok. Sent you a private message with info to my app.


Hahaha, this is such a cool read. Awesome success, thanks to sticking with it :slight_smile:


@mvandrei, very nice work! Thank you.

Curious, why does the browser user have to confirm on two different pop-ups? Could the first be used to complete the second?

First popup

Second popup


I found documentation for it here. I now understand why there are two prompts, although.

Has anyone used custom links to display the message? I don’t care for the pop up and wondering if it’s just as easy as adding the link somewhere on my app.


It seems there isn’t a way to avoid using the at the moment. If we do not specify the file name, then the plugin does not load the script in Bubble. Even if I have already loaded the files to the root of my Bubble app.