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Online ordering ahead made easy :)


Hey guys,

Something i’ve been working on recently - on boarding business here in London to begin with

Would love your feedback :slight_smile:


Clean and effortless usability… exemplary work and frictionless business model ‘No upfront fees and no contract’


Wow thanks dude :slight_smile:


I love the idea and the execution.


Agree. Great job Paul…

Really like your articulation of the business model (and the trend behind it). And I like you communicating ‘no need for another App’ as a benefit - smart for obvious reasons!


Yeah. The no need for another app got to my heart :smiley:

Brilliant way of selling what some would consider a negative point.


Thanks so much guys!

I have added a demo store to help people understand the product a bit more :slight_smile:


If anyone would like to lend a fellow bubbler a click - an upvote today would be really appreciated :grinning: