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Our app is down for at least 4 hours


Our website is down for at least 4 hours, anyone else is experiencing this?
Bubble’s status page doesn’t show any issue.

@Bubble could you please check this out?



I’m up and running, no issue here


You’re having an issue with cloudflare and bubble. Turn off the ‘flare?


It’s not a Bubble problem. I’m fine. appears to work okay on http, just not https.


it’s not very easy to turn it off, we host all our DNS records there, as well as some redirect rules etc.
We didn’t have any issues with it for about a year or so, so it’s strange that we do now


hmm, you are right, very strange. Usually it automatically redirects to https


it seems to work now but still not stable


I do not use Cloudflare for this reason. In the past I experienced similar issues with Cloudflare across many websites that I used to run.


Cf is awesome for static sites. Bubble sites… not so much. Adds nothing. I don’t know why folks try this. (Oh… because of a post in the forum. Well, that’s a good reason.)


sounds sarcastic,
it was our post actually, and we didn’t have any issues with cloudflare so far.


SSL Handshake failed, your certificate needs to be checked


certificates are taken care of automatically by Bubble, nothing that we can check from our side.
But everything is up and running since about 7 hours ago.
Thanks though!


not for me, it’s down.

update: it’s working, i had to press F5


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