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Page lifecycle event before "When Page Loads"?


Is there any event we can hook into before the “When Page Load” event? Most frameworks have an “initialize” or “Pre-page load” event where we can do security related redirects etc. I’ve searched the forum but can’t see any evidence that there is one - but i want to check!

I don’t want that big delay of my (quite heavy) home page and “flash of content” for un-authenticated users before they are redirected. My hacky workaround is to have a fake homepage that has nothing on it and do the logic there - but I’d rather avoid this, because it’s a hack, and also Google punishes apps for initial page redirects (



The home page is intended for un-authenticated users, could you rearrange pages to have this in mind?

For example, making the home page light, mostly static content, with a minimal check for authenticated users and redirect to the good stuff.