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@taiomori I would suggest you keep things on topic and create new topics for your issues. They will get more visibility while keeping the forum tidy.


i made new topics people dont answer them


Now… Content Format is not an option you can modify on Conditional. However, you could just toggle the visibility of two inputs that share the same value. (Easiest solution: put them in a group of type text where the source of that text is your password database field, I think. Toggle their visibility via custom state.)


keith i have that already, i know what password option is too, check my demo its public now, i will use the plugin but later its not my main concern right now, this colour changing text for valid usernames is more important


Yeah. Not an excuse really :slight_smile:
I’m getting a notification everytime you write here and it hasn’t got anything to do with the original topic.

@sridharan.s @NigelG can we split this topic?


cant you mute, i only made a couple off topic posts on this thread, its not that deep.