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💸 Paypal Recurring Payments - New Plugin from Zeroqode



This plugin allows to use paypal for recurring payments and comes with actions like creating recurring plans, subscribing users to a plan or cancelling plans etc. It also comes with a set of paypal buttons that you can put on your page.

For details, screenshots and demos please visit the plugin page: at

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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@levon just wanted to point out when i make a new plan i get a plugin error… same error happens on your demo page


@levon btw do you know if the keys your thing is generating are correct? I used your app to make the keys like it said.


we have an error on the demo because we have switched the plugin to live mode instead of the sandbox mode so that users can really use the plugin.
what’s the error you are seeing?
The generated keys should be correct but we’ll double check




are you using live keys or sandbox? the plugin is set to live


i am using the live keys


hey levon @levon … hope your having a great day of corse, just wondering is there any chance this is an issue that is fixable on your parts? I wont be able to go forward with it otherwise and i really dont want to use stripe on this project lol :slight_smile: Would be amazing if i could get this to work. Is there any thoughts on why this might now work or what i should look at. I am using the live keys so i thought it would be fine. i have been able to make the other paypal plugin… the standard one work with the basic app key from the same paypal dev account. It is just this plugin does not respond to the key. Anything else i can try and is there anything else you guys might be able to see on your side?


we’ll check Ryan, might not be very quick though


Hi there, sorry for a delay with this,
we have slightly updated the plugin docs
please see “Generating Credentials” section
Also, please note that the plugin cannot work both in live and sandbox modes so we only enabled it for live mode. For sandbox example you can check our demo page:
hope this helps.
please let us know in case of any questions.


Hey thanks just saw this… ill take a look and see if i have something setup wrong