Phone number to load initial data?


Thank you for the update! Yes, super helpful improvements!

I’ve updated, but am not seeing the new options?


@levon Would you be able to advise on this ?


sure, the plugin has an auto binding option, so if you set it in a group whose data type would be “user” and data source would be “current user” then, after choosing the autobinding option in the plugin you would be able to choose the field which it will bind to. So that field would be used as a default value and if the user changes that value it will be automatically saved in the DB in the same field.
But for other use cases we will add a “default value” field shortly. I’ll update here once it’s done.


Thanks !

In fact what appears to happen is that the autobinding works, updates the database field, and then when the field resets, it blanks out the database field shortly afterwards.

You can see the field get update, and then the value gets removed.

This may be an issue with toggling the autobinding on and off.

So will have a test when it is updated.


We have just pushed an update which now has:

  1. default value field
  2. automatic user country detection option
  3. customization of preferred countries (The ones that appear at the top)
    Hope this is helpful
    Levon Terteryan
    Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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