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New FREE Plugin - Get MIME Type

Simple function that will return the MIME type from a file extension or extension from MIME type. Includes Scan URL mode.

Please feel free to get in touch if you need a file type added.


Drop the element on your page and use the “Get MIME/Extension” element action. The custom state “Output” will have the result.

Eg. provide “image/png” -> receive “.png”
provide “png” -> receive “image/png”
provide “” -> receive “image/gif”

Note, Providing a MIME type will return a full stop with the extension for convenience.

If no match is found it will default to MIME type “application/octet-stream”. or “.unknown”

Get it HERE.


New Plugin - Custom Google Analytics - With In App POST

Full control over your Analytics is a must to fully understand events and statistical data. This plugin will compile the full GA object and POST it to your app and GA Tracking ID side by side.
  • Auto Track Element, Logs Buttons, Div’s & Input’s Event & Value Data Inc Checkbox On/Off Button Labels ect. Automatically.

  • Send Page View’s.

  • Send Event’s, inc. Type, Category & Label.

  • Create Trackers.

  • Get the full GA Tracker Object Data.



Get it HERE

Example POST GA Object:

    "pbAnalytics": {
        "results": [
                ":name": "***",
                ":trackingId": "***",
                ":cookieDomain": "***",
                ":apiVersion": "***",
                ":clientVersion": "***",
                ":referrer": "***",
                ":location": "***",
                ":screenResolution": "***",
                ":screenColors": "***",
                ":viewportSize": "***",
                ":flashVersion": "***",
                ":encoding": "***",
                ":javaEnabled": "***",
                ":language": "***",
                ":_gclid": "***",
                ":_gclsrc": "***",
                ":_gt": "***",
                ":_gcn": "***",
                ":storedClientId": "***",
                ":clientId": "***",
                ":_gid": "***",
                ":adSenseId": "***"
        "Event": {
            "Category": "***",
            "Action": "***",
            "Label": "***"



New Plugin - LoLight Syntax Highlighter

To highlight the syntax in code such as JS, CSS, jQuery, JSON, JAVA & more. **INSTRUCTIONS:**
  1. Expose element ID’s in your app.

  2. Place a text element down and give it an ID.

  3. Use the ID with the Plugin Action to highlight the code.

    Get it HERE.


Just updated jQuery Knob,

  • Added Autobinding for all knob types.
  • Added Font Size.
  • Enabled Tron skin for Clock Knobs.
  • Removed the Unique ID.
  • Added display previous on some knobs.



I’m in love with the knob plugin :slight_smile: A question: what is the “format value infront” and “format value behind” parameters inside the plugin? Thanks for all your support!



Controlled By Voice


  • Autobinding with ability to have full time content aware mic.

  • New Trigger Word, Define a word or sentence in the properties, if that word is uttered there is a custom event that gets fired and the word output’s to a state meaning super simple dynamic method of knowing what a user is asking or saying without all the flows, -> dynamic key sentence -> users speech auto bound to the parent, and if the trigger is uttered the event fires and away you go.

  • Added clear all custom state values & reset.

Want to see a demo?

check one out here

Get it from Here, or The Commercial Store.


Can you develop a plugin that detects if the user created a screenshot?

I want to know when someone takes a screenshot on their device so that I could trigger an action, like a ban on them.


~ New Plugin ~
Google Dialogflow (Service Account)

Give users new ways to interact with your product by building engaging voice and text-based conversational interfaces powered by AI. Connect with users on your website, mobile app, the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and other popular platforms and devices.

  • Element for your Dialogflow Web Agent.

  • Create, Update, List & Get Your Intents.

  • Trigger Machine Learning Training on Your Training Phrases.

  • Import, Export & Restore your Agent.

Grab the Plugin From Here:


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Hey ya Jarrad @jarrad

I was wonder would it be possible for one of my users to hit a button in my application and it will read a report back to the user something like this

“You have x amount of new submissions today”
“You have x amount amount of deleted submissions today”

I’m only looking for very basic. But it would be an absolutely amazing feature.

If it is doable how easy is it to set up.




~ New Plugin ~

Show 1Word a Multiline Input, Single Line Input or text of any source and it will return a list of the words as a list.

  1. Place the element on your page.

  2. Use the element action ‘Get Words’.

  3. Reference the returned word list as needed or make use of the Auto Binding feature.

Grab the Plugin From Here:


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~ New Free Plugin ~
UUID Generator

  • Generates a 128-bit value. Eg, de305d54-75b4-431b-adb2-eb6b9e546014.

  • Super fast with no external references, libraries or API calls.

  • Includes Autobinding.

  1. Place the UUID Generator element on your page.

  2. Reference the custom state - “UUID”.

  3. Either “Clear UUID” or Generate another UUID.

Grab the Plugin From Here:


Check out our other plugins HERE




Need a JSON Web Token for you project?

We have setup a service to help Bubble users setup a Google project, Service Account & JSON Web Token. You can also use your existing Google projects if you only require the JSON Web Token.

More info can be found HERE.

How To: Google Services Client ID & Secret


~ New Plugin ~
RSS Feeds

RSS is a type of web feed which allows users to access updates to online content in a standardized, computer-readable format.

You can place the RSS element on your page and set the properties or use the plugin action ‘start RSS feed’ and provide your own elements ID.

Use tokens, eg. {title} in the advanced section to show other fields. Below is the supported list:

  • url: the url to the post.
  • author: the author of the post.
  • date: the publishing date.
  • title: the title of the post.
  • body: the complete content of the post.
  • shortBody: the shortened content of the post.
  • bodyPlain: the complete content of the post without html.
  • shortBodyPlain: the shortened content of the post without html.
  • teaserImage: the first image in the post’s body.
  • teaserImageUrl: the url of the first image in the post’s body.
  • index: the index of the current entry.
  • totalEntries: the total count of the entries.
  • feed: contains high level information of the feed (e.g. title of the website).

Grab the Plugin From Here:


Check out our other plugins HERE


@jarrad in regard to the jquery knob plugin is there anyway or work around to expose it as an input which would allow for a workflow action ‘when input has changed’?


I have added a when value has changed event, available by updating the plugin. cheers



~ New Free Plugin ~
HotJar Analytics & Site Recording

View recorded events on your website, record heat maps, issue web polls, surveys & much more!

Grab Your FREE HotJar Account: HERE
Grab the Plugin From Here: GO!

Check out our other plugins: HERE



~ Plugin Update! ~
Telstra SMS/MMS

Australian residents now have a real sms gateway to take advantage of! No amount of advertising banners could beat this deal, 1000 FREE SMS’s just for signing up!. The API already features a huge number pool and allows for reply’s. The Telstra developers are extending the API’s they currently offer and have a few awesome features on the way.

Due to Telstra’s huge changes to the api I have had to change the plugin to allow for the new endpoints - I have added a way to send mms messages though so hopefully this makes up for it!

Grab the Plugin From Here: GO!

Check out our other plugins: HERE


A few questions @jarrad :

  1. Can we use the RSS feed generator to clear and create new RSS feed entries based on Bubble data at a regular frequency? i.e. every 5 minutes?
  2. Can I also have many different RSS feeds for different data sources?
  3. Can I count how many times an RSS link is hit/downloaded?