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Plugin actions and elements tutorial?


I’m wondering if there’s a good source of information on building actions and elements in Bubble. I’ve read through the official docs and searched the forums, but I’m wondering if there are any resources that would provide a good conceptual overview and examples or walk-throughs.

I have experience with JS, but could use some guidance on Bubble-specific concepts and techniques. For instance, how would one access, create, or interact with the native Bubble data types?


This is the place , @shot. Each of us is basically on her/his own. I think there’s rather limited overlap between coders’ areas of interest here, which accounts for the lack of good info.

Also, the API is screwy and the docs are lacking, so we all seem to end up interrogating the API as the first step and, having spent loads of time on that, forget to post any insights.


I do promise to post my helper function for any type of data, but it needs a bit of work first. The odd thing is, I’m sure others have done the same work.


Thanks for the info, @keith. I guess I’ll just start building and ask questions as I go.


Hey Shot,

Wazzup! Welcome to the Bubbleverse~!

Emmanuel and the team at Bubble have been working hard to create a great tool. It ain’t perfect… But it’s totally a fantastic place to implement ideas in the digital space quickly.

Documentation is not the strong point of Bubble. I suggest, consider this your sandbox and play away, exploring the materials and elements here until you understand them.

Sift through this forum and you’ll find what you’re looking for (for the most part!)

Happy Bubblin’!



Thanks for the warm welcome, @ashley.benson.tait. My first task is to get my plugin connected to Github, I reckon. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey shot,

Ohhhhhh, fer shizzle. Life is always better when connected to Github. Yer a straight shooter if ever I saw one.

Onward ho!

Happy Bubblin’!



One way to go about it is to look at open source plugins which there are plenty of them. It help you get an idea. Also check @copilot they have the only plugin development course