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Plugin Development Tutorials (With Code) for Bubble

Any content creator want to make a video of how to create a simple plugin in Bubble. Maybe front-end based functionalities like a lazy loader, parralax scrolling, or an image slider? Would love to learn the basics of creating plugins for bubble. Also I would love to learn the process of implementing a jquery plugin in bubble.

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I recommend this one from Copilot > Plugin Development


Thank You! I’ll check out :slight_smile:

I agree with @JohnMark This is a good one to start.

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Me too. That is where I learned all about them… it is a great video series!

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Thanks all! Just bought the course :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the shoutout, @JohnMark!

We’re soon updating the Plugin Development course to cover new features available to Bubble plugin developers like server-side actions as well as introducing optimization tips. :blush: