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Plugin rejected "no builder name"


I submitted my first plugin and got a rejection earlier with the very vague “no builder name” as the rejection reason. I don’t see anywhere to add in a “builder name” and I assumed that my own username would be considered the plugin’s builder…? Can anyone help shed light on what I’m missing? The documentation and Google search don’t yield any mentions of “builder name” and the email itself looks like a form email, so I don’t expect a reply there. Thanks for any help. -K


Just an idea… try checking your profile under your Bubble account.
The link is then click “Marketplace”, try filling what you can there. I just filled name, logo/icon and location and my plugin was published.


That looks like the right answer; I somehow missed the Marketplace section here so I had not filled any of that in. Thanks for the help—I’m going to go ahead and mark as solved!